Free-to-play F1 Manager Game

F1 Manager Game with Live Racing

Be an F1 Team Manager, customize your team, negotiate deals, develop the car and race friends on iGP Manager, the first MMO F1 Manager Game with Live & Interactive races.

New! Tyre compounds live

thumbnailSuper Soft and Medium compound tyres added, performance changes and more


thumbnailTyre compounds coming Monday, new interface preview
Share your feedback on a new interface iGP Manager and prepare for the launch of new tyre compounds
- iGP Developer Blog
thumbnailWork in progress blog
The latest on tyre updates & patches to iGP Manager
- iGP Developer Blog
thumbnail'Heartbleed' & Development update
Addressing the 'Heartbleed' security bug and our latest development updates
- iGP Developer Blog
thumbnailF1 Blog 4
Is Bernie Ecclestone the right person to carry on running Formula 1?
- Formula One Blog
Simon Melluish
Former FIA F2 press officer

"It is the Football Manager of the F1 world, and if it goes on to be as successful as that franchise then we could be looking at iGP becoming a true classic. I sincerely recommend it."

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