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Pit crew update hotfixes

13 Dec 2023, 22:51
  • Fixed issue whereby 'save all' button might not function correctly on pages like Training or Next Race.
  • Fixed incorrect 'Overall' rating calculation for pit crews. Morale has been removed from the calculation as it is a non-trainable attribute. All pit crew ratings in game have been updated accordingly.
  • Fixed iPhone notch rendering issues whereby header would be slightly obscured by notch.
  • Fixed scenario where pit crew training boost would be visible in the news feed but not in the shop.
  • Fixed accounts below level 5 being able to access Pit Crew dialogs and tutorials.
  • Fixed customers of engine manufacturers inheriting the custom weakness attribute set by the manufacturer at any given circuit. This was never the intended behaviour. Customers were supposed to receive the default weakness and not the custom one.
  • Fixed various button and icon alignments.
  • Various other minor hotfixes.

Pit crew and Racing revamp

06 Dec 2023, 17:43
New! Pit crew

The Pit Crew determines the speed and reliability of your pit stops, making them a vital part of a race event.

New features include:

  • Variable pit stop times in races based on your crew's abilities, influencing the speed and reliability of pit stops.
  • Pit Crew Training, a new area of the training page, alongside driver training
  • New skills and dynamics to manage such as pit crew atrophy, performance variance and morale.

Racing revamp

  • Improved the situation of cars 'bouncing' when trying to overtake.
  • Greatly increased the chances of overtake between cars that have a significant difference of speed (due to car design + driver, difference of tyre pace (compound/wear) or push level management pace advantage.
  • Increased dirty air, in order to reduce the chance of creation of long train during the race. Now cars breaking up from the group will have a chance to open some gap.
  • Increased the car max speed to 370 KPH.
  • Slipstream rework: higher impact at closer distance.
  • Improved chances to block a car using PL3 (this is well balanced, do not expect being able to block a car if your pace is much slower).

Fixes and improvements

  • Quick Races rule changes - Now anyone can earn rewards from QR provided they finish in a podium position. Finishing outside the podium and even a top 3 DNF will no longer count.
  • Added Canada to street circuit special ability.
  • Added special offers for new levels.
  • Added a toggle to hide/show custom engine stats.
  • Fixed United States iGP pit exit.
  • Fixed teams not receving cash when auctioning a driver and an another team uses the 'buy now' option to obtain them.
  • Fixed engine manufactuerer icon being wrong shape in news feed.
  • Fixed tokens being awarded instead of deducted for becoming an engine manufacturer.
  • Fixed mail about cost change being sent to all customers of a manufacturer when there had been no cost change.
  • Security patch - Prevented HTML injection in comments.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Racing and Engine Manufacturer Improvements

11 Apr 2023, 20:41
Re-balanced racing

  • Pace of intermediate tyres in dry conditions reduced.
  • Rebalanced pace of all dry tyres in wet conditions with very low water levels to provide a crossover range.
  • Wear rate of intermediate tyres slightly reduced, particularly at low water depth.
  • Nerfed ride height impact on setup.
  • Buffed Qualifying Special Ability.
  • Other balancing improvements.

Engine Manufacturer updates and more

  • Added new applicant system for engine customers - suppliers can now approve or reject requests for engine supply and terminate contracts with existing engine customers.
  • Added ability for engine manufacturers to hide/show engine tuning attributes.
  • Added Driver Special Abilities and Chief Designer Strength and Weakness to UI hover tooltip on star rating for desktop users.
  • Changed weather data provider from DarkSky to OpenWeather.
  • Fixed a bug when a team was an engine manufacturer and couldn't see design bonuses from other suppliers.
  • Fixed first team on the grid in a Quick Race having an invalid grid position.
  • Fix tokens being charged when invalid team name or engine supplier name was enterted.
  • Fixed setting driver special abilities (setting to "None") not being applied unless another change was applied.
  • Fixed UI issues with dynamic XP updates (manager level not updating, XP animation not initialising from the starting value)
  • Removed all legacy youth drivers from the youth academy (from 2021 and earlier)
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Level 30, Engine Manufacturers & Driver Special Abilities

03 Feb 2023, 12:14
This update adds significant new areas of gameplay, including 10 new levels of progression, the ability to become an engine manufacturer and supply engines to other teams, driver 'special abilities', driver BMI and more.

  • New: 10 additional levels for Managers, HQ, Drivers, Staff and more.
  • New: Engine Manufacturers - Create your own custom engine and supply your engines to other customer teams. Available from Level 20.
  • New: Driver Special Abilities - Drivers with special abilities will have an edge in performance in certain conditions. At launch these abilities include Street Circuits, Qualifying, Wet Weather, Racecraft (which covers wheel-to-wheel racing). Each ability has three tiers (Common, Rare and Legendary), the rarer the trait the more impact it will have on performance.
  • New: Driver BMI - Now the aim is to maintain a healthy weight for your drivers as opposed to lowering it to an unhealthy degree.
  • New: Driver's 'favourite circuit' - As with special abilities, each driver will have a favourite circuit where they excel.
  • Revised Level XP calculation.
  • Updated tier level caps to 10 for Rookie, 20 for Pro and 30 for Elite.
  • Added the 'Manufacture' tab to the Cars page when a manager reaches level 20.
  • Added 'Engine Points' and 'XP Boost' items to the Shop.
  • Rescaled driver and staff contract prices to new scale with 10 additional levels.

Tyre tweaks

05 Sep 2022, 12:00
  • Fixed temperature drop issue when tyres reach 65% wear.
  • Improved performance 'cliffs', with more progressive pace loss.
  • Improved Super Soft compound pace slightly.

Pit fixes

22 Aug 2022, 21:20
  • Fixed an issue with the pit lanes on Belgium, Brazil and Germany which caused some cars to run stints a lap longer than defined in the strategy.
  • Also fixed bug where ampersand symbols (&) would be converted to "& amp"; when editing or replying to comments on the league wall.

Note: In order to release the Brazil pit lane fix without requiring an app update, a temporary visual side-effect will be present on Brazil in 3D mode only. Cars will pit before the garages and then swerve in and out of a garage as they drive past it. This doesn't impact the race simulation or time in the pits. A full app update will be required to remedy the visual effect, but we will include the visual fix in a more substantial update at some point. On its own, we felt this visual issue did not warrant an app update and it was better to release the fix to stint lengths immediately.

Tyre 'Cliffs' Update

16 Aug 2022, 11:53
This update represents a significant change to the impact of wear on tyre performance. The goals of the update are as follows:

  • Broaden the range of viable strategies
  • Improve overcut and undercut strategies.
  • Improve the realism of a tyre’s performance lifespan and the impacts of tyre degradation on pace.

Technical details:

  • Tyres perform like new from 100% to 75% condition.
  • Progressive performance degradation from 75% to 50% condition.
  • Performance ‘cliff’ at around 50% condition.
  • Tyres become uncompetitive at around 35% condition.


18 Jun 2022, 20:57
  • Fixed custom league rules reverting to defaults for new seasons - it seems the source was the league settings having defaults checked instead of custom rules. This meant hosts accidentally overwrote custom rules when saving other league settings.
  • Fixed a qualifying issue where one driver in the oldest team/car ran on a different push level to other cars. This likely accounted for reports of qualifying discrepancies, e.g. between teammates.
  • Fixed unusually long pit stops which were occurring sometimes in no-refuelling leagues.
  • Improved practice UI behaviour in no-refuelling leagues, where setting a practice lap would overwrite custom fuel set in advanced strategy. This was intended to be a convenience feature, basing the new fuel on the practice lap. It will now avoid setting fuel if any modifications have been made to the value, whereas previously it would only avoid it if the strategy had already been saved.
  • Added more server capacity to run races.

Note: A cache clear may be required to get the practice lap UI/UX updates. All league hosts should also double-check that they did not accidentally overwrite custom league rules with defaults prior to this hotfix patch.

Patch 4.101

03 May 2022, 15:10
Available now on Google Play, iOS, Windows, WebGL and Huawei App Gallery.

  • Fixed bug where pre-race weather changes would set the fuel to 120 in no-refuelling races by raising the input max value to 255, matching pre-race strategy.
  • Fixed inconsistent warnings on race strategy for the 2-tyre compound rule.
  • Fixed points scoring inconsistent with league rules and retroactively corrected all historic data from the release of league rules.
  • Fixed 'Close map' button on minimap not showing translated text but instead a placeholder value
  • Upgraded Google Firebase SDK to resolve continued ANR (App Not Responding) issues.

League Rules

15 Apr 2022, 14:36
  • New League Rules with No Refuelling, Two-tyre rules and more, available now as editable options for the league host. Further reading: League Rules guide
  • Improved dirty air and slipstreaming physics for closer racing.
  • Until further notice, driver weight will not impact the simulation, also for closer racing.
  • Improved qualifying: push level now unaffected by advanced strategy and uses more precise fuel loads, benefitting fuel economy development.
  • Improved accuracy of connection instability prompts, they were showing too frequently.
  • Improved UI consistency of team management screens across various devices and pixel densities.
  • Improved league finder and league page to show key information on league and race settings and rules.
  • Fixed a bug when go to pits action was not properly sent.
  • Fixed an Android ANR (app not responding) problem by updating SDKs.
  • Fixed a rare bug when the WebGL race viewer was very low-res on launch.
  • Fixed visual inaccuracies in 2D race viewer masks for overhead objects (bridges, trees etc.) causing cars to appear and disappear in the wrong locations
  • Fixed pressing ESC in WebGL resulting in the camera pointing at nothing with all cars disappearing.
  • Fixed a glitch that resulted in deselecting the car in 3D and the camera becoming stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where a driver name was not properly updated on the timing row.
  • Fixed a bug where a translation could fail to load on management screens if there was a corrupt translation file.
  • Fixed UI scaling bug introduced by Samsung One UI and/or Android System WebView updates.
  • Implemented new 'Disqualified' status for drivers in live timing and race results.
  • Fixed bug with sponsor 1 showing in slot 2.
  • Upgraded several SDK integrations.

Racing & Car Design Re-balancing

11 Dec 2021, 15:07
  • Changes to 'dirty air', allowing cars to follow more closely and overtake without DRS.
  • Subtle changes to Push Level, Boost, DRS and Fuel load to make their impacts more noticeable.
  • Nerfed car attributes: Acceleration, Braking, Downforce and Handling. This is only a minor reduction intended to prevent cars reaching top speed as easily and to increase the effectiveness of DRS, further encouraging overtaking.
  • Buffed car attributes: Fuel Efficiency and Tyre Efficiency.
  • Tyres are more influenced by the climate / temperature such that different strategies can work in different seasons.
  • Increased wear rate for Soft tyres.
  • Decreased wear rate for Super Soft and Hard tyres.
  • Changes to the tyre wear rate curve, making it more linear.
  • Increased pace for Super Soft and Hard tyres.
  • Decreased pace for Soft tyres.

These changes to racing have been developed with a team of high level managers based on their feedback. This update does not require any updates to be downloaded. It will be seamlessly implemented in to future races after this changelog.

NOTE: Races that took place on 11 December from 11:30 UTC to 13:00 UTC ran on a different balance to races after 13:00. Since 13:30 the Super Soft tyre performance has been reduced slightly.

4.051 & 4.052

26 Nov 2021, 16:01
Patches 4.051 and 4.052 are hotfix patches for 4.050, which were released in quick succession, containing several fast but important fixes. At the time of this changelog entry they are available on Android and Windows standalone and pending approval for release on iOS. UPDATE: Patch 4.051 is available on iOS as of 27 Nov @ 17:00 GMT.

  • Fixed 2D having offset racing lines on re-scaled tracks.
  • Fixed boost tail missing in 2D.
  • Fixed commentary text being invisible.
  • Fixed misaligned track alpha masks in 2D.
  • Fixed Driver/Team column toggle on live timing table not working on landscape layout.
  • Fixed a bug when viewer settings were not properly applied between races.
  • Fixed 3D water splash effect having a missing texture.
  • Fixed Windows standalone not launching on some devices (reinstall may be required if experiencing this issue).

  • Fixed the currently selected driver's DRS indicator in overhead telemetry not lighting up in the 3D viewer interface.
  • Further fixes and improvements to 2D viewer alpha masks that hide cars under overhead objects (bridges etc.).
  • Fixed 2D boost effect displaying as larger than the car.
  • Fixed misaligned driver health and tyre condition gauges, noticeable when a driver has retired or the race is over.
  • Fixed sector "bars" on live timing only reporting the sectors when the viewer was launched.

TV Cams, Improved Tracks, Better Precision and Stability

24 Nov 2021, 15:22
  • Rescaled circuits - Belgium, China, Malaysia, Mexico and Singapore have all been re-scaled to have a normal road width and circuit length. Number of laps (100% length):
    Belgium 43 Malaysia 55 China 55 Singapore 60 Mexico 70
  • Improved visual accuracy in races - The visual position of cars on the track in both 2D and 3D modes has been substantially improved to reduce out-of-sync events creating visual gaps inconsistent with live timing.
  • New TV Cameras - Ideal for streaming, broadcasting and recording race videos, or for increased immersion for managers who want to participate in a race like it's on TV.
  • Performance & Stability update (part 2) - Parts 1 and "1.5" of this update increased app stability for everyone in the managerial screens only. This update builds on those improvements to further stabilise app launch and runtime performance, plus improved reliability and performance when loading, viewing and returning from live races.
  • Greatly improved 3D Visuals - major revisions to all surfaces such as terrains, asphalts, gravel traps. Higher quality textures, the elimination of visible texture tiling through shader techniques.
  • Fixes to race viewer loading - reducing scenarios where viewer loading could get stuck.
  • Fixes to app launch - reducing scenarios where the app could cease responding or crash on low-end devices.
  • Fixed Android push notifications not sending.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

New transfers system

20 Oct 2021, 13:08
  • New transfers system - Tokens are now returned to all except the winning bidder. The transfers list cycles every 4 minutes instead of every few hours and all auctions on the list refresh at the same time.
  • Performance & Stability update ("part 1.5") - further back-end website code optimisations for faster performance, better rendering times and reduced UI latency. This will be most noticeable on the transfers system. It's not as comprehensive as "Part 1" of these updates but is noteworthy as some may find the transfers system significantly more responsive and stable. The final and most significant stage of these improvements ("Part 2") will arrive soon with an app update.
  • Added all missing flags
  • Fixed empty name exploit where users could enter blank manager/driver/staff/team names.
  • Fixed news feed reactions not working on some devices.
  • Fixed standalone desktop application having a white background
  • Fixed standalone desktop application saving settings
  • Fixed race results showing 0-second lap times showing as purple / fastest
  • Fixed bug where scouting HQ countdowns could display incorrect times
  • Fixed cache refresh happening for new users during the beginner tutorial
  • Fixed ESC key bringing up "exit app" prompt on web
  • Fixed enter key on team create page submitting form (disrupting beginner tutorial)
  • Fixed the possibility to scroll highlighted elements and tutorial text off screen
  • Fixed clicking on [!] notification icons within buttons resulting in the notification icon disappearing but the button click not being recognised
  • Various other hotfixes and improvements.

New scout system & improved performance & stability

13 Aug 2021, 15:42
  • New: Youth scouting system overhaul with a free scouting refresh every 48 hours and dynamic pricing aligned to HQ and youth levels.
  • New: Scout talented young staff from the Offices & Hospitality HQ. An entire team can now be scouted as an alternative to transfers.
  • Performance & Stability update (part 1) - a total overhaul of back-end website code in pursuit of faster performance, better rendering times and reduced UI latency. This will be most noticeable on management screens and when editing driver or staff appearance. On low-end devices improvements may be noticeable across all management screens. The second part of this update will arrive as an app update on the app stores soon. Both parts of this update are aimed at reducing ANR (app not responding) and crash scenarios with improved performance and stability.
  • Stricter system requirements on Google Play: Phones with 1GB RAM or less and tablets with 2GB RAM or less can no longer install iGP Manager through Google Play.
  • Added User ID to the bottom of the Settings page 'Account' tab. This is useful for support-related requests.

NOTE: A cache clear is required for this update. You can do this from the Settings page in game then clicking "Clear cache" at the bottom of the page. The game will attempt to do this automatically, but if you have any issues we recommend trying this.

Staff limits and other fixes

14 Jul 2021, 19:01
  • Added limits to drivers and staff - teams are now limited to 50 drivers and 5 staff per type (5 Chief Designers + 5 Technical Directors + 5 Doctors = 15 Total staff),  to prevent any team from accumulating tens of staff of any type. This capability was being exploited by some accounts to hoard the best staff, primarily Chief Designers, and prevent others from having access to them. Combined with work in the previous changelog and proposed changes to the transfer system that are in development now the overall aim is to improve fairness and access for all.
  • Improved behaviour of strategy saving - 'hidden' stints will now inherit the settings from the last visible stint, instead of maintaining independent settings (usually defaults).
  • Fixed an issue with the news feed not showing driver and team championship results, only one or the other.
  • Fixed 'Buy now' button on transfers not recognising when a team's balance was greater than the buy now cost when the balance was also less than the fee for a 'Bid' purchase. E.g. If a driver cost $10m and buy now was $5m but the team balance was $8m it would say you need to make an investment to "buy now" when this was not the case.
  • DRS zone on Turkey returned to original location on back straight

Hotfixes and clamping down on web scripts

07 Jul 2021, 17:25
  • Fixed Tokens being charged for editing names of Drivers, Staff or Managers when the names were not updated (e.g. contained special chars). Now an error message will be shown instead in such scenarios.
  • Fixed being able to promote newly scouted Young Driver Academy drivers while in debt.
  • Improved randomisation of Daily Rewards to break the operation of scripts that could guess what was behind each surprise card. Such scripts will no longer work and it is no longer possible to guess what is behind each card.
  • Free-agent Drivers and Staff can no longer be bought outside of an Auction. The exception to the rule is if a driver or staff member has ever been in your team before, then you may re-sign them. The capability to sign any free agent was being abused via browser scripts that scan all possible URLs, hoarding the best drivers and staff, with the aim of preventing other managers from accessing them. Such antics are no longer possible. We will also be looking in to improvements to the transfers system to offer more ways to access a wider range of drivers and staff.
  • Fixed flood attacks on HQ construction used to trigger more than one construction project simultaneously.

Timezone & Translation fixes

03 Jul 2021, 12:44
These small but important updates will improve the experience for all managers by improving the quality of service in all timezones and translations around the world.

  • Fixed countdown timers in certain timezones - when some timezones were a day ahead of GMT the countdown timers for Daily Rewards and Daily Deals did not display correctly.
  • Fixed Daily Deals timezones - when certain timezones were a day ahead of GMT, Daily Deals could not be redeemed. This would have impacted timezones around Asia the most.
  • Translation redundancy - if any translation is incomplete or has errors the missing lines will now revert to English, ensuring the app will remain stable. Translation errors may have caused issues in the following translations last week: Catalan, Chinese, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish. This update will ensure no repeat of such incidents.
  • Maintenance mails will now be translated to all languages - previously they were only sent in English.
  • Fixed a Daily Rewards loophole whereby switching timezones repeatedly could trigger more than one daily reward. Also, all items gained in this manner were withdrawn from any accounts that utilised this loophole. Every reward is tracked, therefore it was straightforward to identify each instance and reverse it.
  • Various other hotfixes and improvements.

4.034 Updates

23 Jun 2021, 23:21
  • Improved performance of race viewer by reducing amount of work devices have to do to render the race - further improvements are also in development and will arrive with future patches.
  • Fixed various crash, ANR and race viewer loading issues on Android.
  • Fixed a bug which made portrait UI unusable if cars are retired or finished.
  • Fixed selected car highlight not being visible on the 2D mini map in the 3D race viewer.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements to the previous patch (4.026 / 4.032).

4.026 / 4.032 Updates

18 Jun 2021, 15:40
  • New scale-corrected Australia circuit (lap count changed to 57).
  • New physics for acceleration and deceleration intended to increase realism in car behaviour.
  • New background music track rotation.
  • Added changelog items to the news feed on the home page to better inform managers of development progress.
  • Added driver experience gains, parts and component wear back to Quick Races.
  • Improved app performance and stability (better optimised memory and CPU usage - more updates will follow in this regard).
  • Improved accuracy of car positions in 3D and smoother animations.
  • Improved location of DRS zones on Russia and Turkey - moved to lower-speed straights to offer more acceleration.
  • Improved panning and zooming controls in 3D race viewer for increased smoothness and reliability of registering inputs.
  • Improved road textures for all circuits.
  • Improved screenshot UI for livery editor and AR mode.
  • Improved 'flashing' tyre temperature indicator to appear sooner when tyres are getting hot or cold.
  • Improved location of spectator count icon on race viewer chat tab to avoid overlapping with chat messages.
  • Fixed race viewer not loading due to being unable to find translation files (returning to the management screens before loading)
  • Fixed bug where if manager had two cars and one retired or finished the UI for the second car was not accessible.
  • Fixed entire car showing as black in the livery editor when any of the three colours in the palette was set to black.
  • Fixed aerial camera 'shaking' during corners.
  • Fixed aerial camera becoming offset when selecting cars from the timing panel.
  • Fixed tyre gauge displaying minimum temperature instead of neutral before the start of a race.
  • Fixed 'special offer' in-app purchase not being clickable on desktop standalone version of the app.
  • Fixed ads playing in landscape orientation causing the management UI to be scaled incorrectly when returning to portrait.
  • Fixed text glitch on exported screenshots from livery editor in AR mode.
  • Fixed bug in 3D viewer where tapping in certain areas of the screen could cause the camera to switch cars unintentionally.
  • Fixed 3D minimap mode 'exit' button being obscured by other UI elements such as notifications in the race UI.
  • Fixed team logo not updating until next app session after changing it.
  • Fixed share buttons not using native share on tablet handheld devices.
  • Temporarily disabled fullscreen mode in Android 11 until a fix is available for reports of UI overlapping/obscuring game elements.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.


18 May 2021, 11:52
  • Improved car interpolation to reduce erratic movements and what had become known as 'rubber banding' in turns - more updates will be made to improve this.
  • Improved memory allocation and performance in apps.
  • Improved website performance.
  • Improved performance on devices which struggle with IPv6 support - Anyone that experienced races taking far too long to load for their internet connection speed should now have normal loading times. That is resolved by this change.
  • Fixed cars looking over-exposed in Singapore and in the Livery Editor.
  • Fixed issue where driver 2 was able to be healed multiple times on next race page 'Setup' tab.
  • Fixed tyre temperature gauge being off the middle position when the race hasn’t started yet (the cars are on the grid).
  • Fixed an issue with the viewer UI having conflicts with native buttons on Android 11.
  • Fixed average reputation values for races being incorrect - most notably on the spectate dialog.
  • Fixed league standings page not showing for managers that aren't in a league.
  • Fixed open dialogs not closing on logout.
  • Fixed several crash scenarios.

4.009 Updates

11 May 2021, 00:43
  • New: Minimap in 3D races and improved map mode when tapped
  • New: See obscured cars through buildings and objects.
  • New: All tracks released in 3D.
  • Improved racing lines for most of the tracks.
  • Improved sync between 2D and 3D viewer.
  • Improved start camera positioning in 3D viewer.
  • Fixed USA circuit DRS zone end.
  • Fixed cars visually "drifting" in 2D on some corners.
  • Fixed Singapore lighting in 3D.
  • Fixed boost telemetry incorrectly showing as 100% full when in onboard mode.
  • Fixed start lights not going on/off correctly at race starts in landscape view.
  • Fixed visual glitches in 3D races on iPads.
  • Fixed livery editor screenshot export - it was lighter than it should have been.
  • Fixed AR Livery editor mode.
  • Fixed weather effects in 2D viewer.
  • Fixed speedometer speed units.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Cumulative updates

21 Apr 2021, 11:09
Over the last few weeks the following updates were made:

  • New integrated helpdesk system. Now tickets can be read and responded to inside the app and users are notified of responses from the support team via in-game mail.
  • Fixed league filters not showing enough results in certain timezones.
  • Fixed email links in the forums.
  • Improved styling of igpmanager.com and in-game shop including new assets from recent 3D update.
  • Changed images on home page and next race page to lower resolution in an effort to prevent crashes on lower-end devices.
  • Restored WebGL race viewer as default on browsers when 2D preference is selected.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Hotfix patch

06 Apr 2021, 01:47
  • Changed all circuit lap counts to match new scaling.
  • Restored WebGL viewer for 2D play on desktops.
  • Fixed 'go to race' buttons on home page and menu not working on league races.
  • Increased 'Quick Races' race speed to 1.5x and scaled laps so that races will always be under 15 minutes.

4.003 Updates

02 Apr 2021, 00:00
  • Improved car behavior at higher race speeds (like 2x)
  • Fixed an issue when cars can drive towards barriers at hairpins like Monaco.
  • Fixed start lines on Canada, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey and USA.
  • Fixed blinking tyres when ghosting mode is enabled.
  • Fixed issues with Google Play login on Android.
  • Fixed deeplinking on desktop standalone application.

4.002 Updates

31 Mar 2021, 00:00
  • Fixed Bahrain kerbs collisions
  • Restored DRS zones to previous locations.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements.

iGP Manager 3D Racing

30 Mar 2021, 10:52
  • New! Stunning 3D visuals
  • New! Onboard and chase cameras - get closer to the action than ever before
  • New! Wheel-to-wheel racing v1.0 - cars will now attempt to race side-by-side when the track is free
  • Improved UI in live races
  • Improved stability and syncing.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Cosmetics update

08 Mar 2021, 11:20
• New! Create your own unique and original appearances for drivers and staff. Customize ethnicity, hair, accessories and more.
• New! Hotkeys for push level changes on WebGL. 1-5 for first driver, 6-0 for second driver
• Improved download performance for images.
• Improved loading times when joining a race.
• Improved In-App Purchase system, now including deferred payment options.

3.611 Updates

29 Dec 2020, 16:39
Fixed Google Play login failing.
Fixed AndroidX users not been able to upload Profile Photo.
Fixed some android devices not being able to use keyboard on chat.
Removed chat send button in live race chat. You can now use keyboard enter button for sending chat messages.

League search improvements

09 Nov 2020, 18:14
  • Changed the league search filter to always attempt to show leagues for times selected - previously it reverted to defaults if insufficient populated leagues were found.
  • Fixed bids still being possible on auctions after losing an auction.

Cross-season car design hotfix

19 Oct 2020, 07:27
Hotfix for an issue which could allow a car design or design points to be maintained across seasons. A prerequisite of this bug was that the manager must leave the league before the final race of the season and return to that same league after the next season has begun but before the first race of the new season.

3.610 Updates

13 Oct 2020, 15:14
  • Improved low-end device performance.
  • Improved livery editor performance.
  • Improved race connection loading time.
  • Fixed an issue where on iPad Air (old generation) the app closed unexpectedly
  • Various fixes and improvements.

New header and menu update

26 Sep 2020, 01:47
New account profile

In the header (top right corner):
  • Profile picture is visible as you navigate around the game making it clearer which account you are logged in to.
  • Manager profile page - this replaces the former 'manager' and 'team' links on the menu.
  • Shortlist and Notes - formerly these were buried within a sub-menu on the Home page.
  • Settings, Help and to Log out - formerly these were at the bottom of the menu.
  • Level and XP are shown - formerly you would have had to navigate to the manager page to see this.

On your profile page:
  • The contents of the old Team and Manager pages have been merged in to one.

A simplified navigation menu
  • The former Manager, Team, Settings, Help and Logout links are all now in the header on your profile.
  • Standings has been integrated in to the League page. This provides more flexibility in that you can access the full standings for any league and any tier in the game now as opposed to just your own, while also de-cluttering the menu further.
  • All combined, this means the whole menu now fits on the screen on most mobile devices without scrolling.

A cleaner home page
  • There is no longer a "..." button that reveals more options, just 'Mail', 'Spectate' and 'Search'.
  • The 'Notes' and 'Shortlist' that were formerly on the home page under the [...] button are now in the header under your profile.


24 Sep 2020, 20:16
  • New: Google Play Services login option added
  • New: Apple Sign In and Game Center login options added
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts when used in chat
  • Improved visual feedback for Boost and DRS indicators - they now react faster and will show for at least 0.4s even if the boost was shorter.
  • Improved Chat area resizing for mobile users when virtual keyboard is active.
  • Improved Livery Editor performance
  • Improved RAM usage
  • Improved behaviour of the link boost button
  • Improved look of the boost effect 
  • Improved Japanese fonts
  • Added ESC(Escape) key to unfocus chat input area.
  • Added hologramic car position indicator in AR Car preview.
  • Fixed boost button issues 
  • Fixed visual bugs in expanded strategy panel 
  • Fixed AR mode photo taken wasn't successful sometimes
  • Fixed login problem with facebook app
  • Fixed rare login issue
  • Fixed pre-race out of sync issue
  • Fixed boost usage with using multiple other hotkeys.
  • Fixed hotkey usage to access chat in public quick race.
  • Fixed visual artefacts appearing while when following a car across the finish line at the end of a race.
  • Fixed not being able to press anything on the screen when you relaunch the viewer for mobile versions.
  • Fixed some crashes on low end iOS devices and iOS 11.
  • Fixed tyre temperatures sometimes not being updated right after a race has loaded
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

End of season reputation reward changes

31 Jul 2020, 23:53
  • Improved end-of-season reputation reward for Hall of Fame season 3. Now all tiers get reputation rewards scaled by the number of participants in a championship, the number of races (more races = more reputation, to reduce or eliminate the advantages of shorter seasons), league tier (greater rewards in Elite then Pro and in Pro than Rookie) and season finishing position (first earns the most, last the least).
  • Fixed muted / banned users being able to bypass restrictions by issuing an appeal.

Pit timings & Strategy hotfix

27 Jul 2020, 13:42
  • Changed pit stop timings - pit times now correlate only to the amount of fuel added or tyre change time with all other factors and variance removed
  • Hotfix for pre-race strategy stint 5 saving with tyres from stint 4

New Hall of Fame, Training Intensity and more

30 Jun 2020, 09:52
  • New Hall of Fame: Monthly rankings with cash prizes. More information is available on our blog.
  • Added training intensity setting for accelerated driver training up to 10x intensity
  • Fixed the token count not updating when going from 1 to 0
  • Various other fixes and improvements, particularly to the auctions of staff and drivers

Design scaling

25 Jun 2020, 16:04
  • When promoting, designs will now be scaled to a higher level to make the team more competitive
  • Prevented directly leaving and rejoining a league in order to gain any advantage by resetting car designs

Pit stop changes

23 Jun 2020, 14:59
  • Pit stops - Cars will now exit the pit box ignoring safe-release and exiting the pit box to release as soon as the pit stop is complete.
  • VSC - Chance of VSC making an appearance has been reduced slightly.
  • Flags - Changes so that flags appear for the right amount of time, stopping them being active for just a moment before going back to green.
  • The last 4 laps will now only be green flag conditions, this is to stop flags appearing and disrupting the final part of the race due to absentee managers.

3.605 update - part 2 (build 357)

12 Jun 2020, 08:57
  • Added 'Strategy Locked' notification when a car is in the pit lane and changes to strategy are disabled
  • Added 'Enter' key to open chat area
  • Improved boost button - better responsiveness, smarter logic at pit entrance and exit and improved display with enabled, disabled and depleted states
  • Improved consistency of live race data on devices with unstable network connections
  • Improved logic to determine which devices can download hi-res maps
  • Improved Japanese language character set
  • Improved camera behaviour when switching between tabs and drivers
  • Improved standings behavior when changing tabs
  • Improved flood protection on chat - it will now be possible to send the same message twice in a row
  • Fixed display issues with boost and DRS icons showing even when inactive, or inside the pit lane
  • Fixed driver 'swap' button not showing for some managers on 2 car races
  • Fixed iOS input area overlapping chat messages
  • Fixed wet weather pre-race changes not being reflected on timing panel and driver management panel
  • Fixed tyre history display bugs
  • Fixed lap count and sector timing data not displaying correctly immediately after loading the race viewer
  • Fixed advanced strategy information not displaying properly on wet races
  • Fixed boost button becoming stuck in 'on' state when released
  • Fixed occasional stutters or freezes when zooming in and out
  • Fixed visual glitch where cars would display sideways momentarily at pit exit
  • Fixed fringe scenario where screen would display various UI elements erroneously at race completion
  • Fixed inaccurate team colours accompanying chat messages
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Qualifying ordering hotfix

29 May 2020, 12:07
Fixed grid positions displaying incorrectly pre-race when multiple drivers had set identical times. Pre-race results were being sorted by lap time while in-race grid was ordered by grid position - both are now ordered by grid position and will display the same grid order.

3.605 Updates

08 May 2020, 18:01
  • Improved Memory usage.
  • Improved Hi-Res texture showing while following a car.
  • Improved Timing area scrolling area.
  • Improved HotKey usages. Now supports more than one hotkey usage at the same time.
  • Improved Timing panel clickable area colors to make them more distinguishable.
  • Improved Greek language character set with extended support
  • Fixed Localization files not been updated sometimes.
  • Fixed not being able to load sometimes.
  • Fixed incorrect initial driver position. First driver will be on left side and second driver will be on right size.
  • Fixed Pre race strategy not updating on Wet conditions applied.
  • Fixed Boost Button been stucked on hotkey usage bug.
  • Fixed Some more pit stop related bugs.
  • Fixed Driver control Panel not minimizin on WebGL.
  • Fixed Livery highlight bugs.
  • Fixed Livery Player's name zoom in bug.
  • Changed Boost and DRS icon position slightly.

Pit lane garage updates

06 May 2020, 17:07
  • Improved garage allocation in single-car leagues - There are only 16 garages in the pit lane and previously teams 17 and upwards were allocated to garage 16. With these changes, teams are now paired to garages. Teams in two-car leagues are unaffected by this update and remain unchanged.
  • Disabled safe release in pits for single-car leagues, as teams now share garages. Safe release is still in place for 2 car leagues. Previously, safe release was causing cars in single-car leagues to switch places erroneously during pit stops.

Qualifying and design scaling improvements

10 Apr 2020, 16:01
  • Qualifying error rate for drivers reduced to 0 until further notice to reduce randomness in qualifying results.
  • Improved design scaling when promoting for fairer balance.
  • Hotfix for odd design values not improving car performance.
  • Removed strict design caps - supplier bonuses can now raise levels above tier design cap in Rookie and Pro.

App optimisation patch

25 Mar 2020, 21:57
  • Improved device memory usage and management.
  • Improved live race viewer performance, particularly when weather effects are applied.
  • Fixed incorrect Token cost display on Livery Editor.
  • Various other fixes and improvements for rare cases.

Mobile fixes

21 Mar 2020, 10:13

  • Fixed Japanese Translation errors. 
  • Emoji support added to iOS users.
  • Performans improvements for all platforms.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Training boost hotfix

20 Mar 2020, 17:26
  • Fixed an issue with the Training Boost product whereby progress on training could become stuck at a value greater than 100%.

AR, Safety Cars and full timing and boost on mobiles!

16 Mar 2020, 23:18
  • New! Safety car.
  • New! Augmented-Reality Car Editor.
  • New! Race interfaces - full live timing, dual car boost and more.
  • New! Edit your driver and staff appearance along with their name and nationality. You can also now retrain the strength and weakness of Chief Designers.
  • New! Custom season lengths.
  • New! Korean and Norwegian translations.
  • Wider range on car setup and development values.
  • Improved chat message design with better emoji support
  • Fixed rare issue which could result in the app becoming stuck on the splash screen
  • Fixed crashes on old iPhone 5s
  • Various fixes and improvements.

News feed reactions

20 Nov 2019, 20:16
This update introduces the new ability to react to news on the home page news feed!

  • New! News feed reactions - the following reactions are available at launch: like, love, laugh, wow, sad, angry.
  • Added the ability to sort race history by circuit and filter between Quick Races and League Races.
  • Italian/Spanish subforums shown on the global forum now redirect to new forums - they were still pointing to the old forums

Advanced strategy updates, special offers and likes

05 Nov 2019, 00:00
  • Advanced strategy improvements - Second stage. Enabled manually changing tyres before the race start if weather conditions change from wet to dry or vice versa.
  • Added new comment 'likes' rating system
  • Launched various specials in to the new shop offering greater value
  • Improved rewarded ads to show the value of each ad view
  • Various fixes and improvements

New Circuit: USA & Halloween theme

31 Oct 2019, 16:36
Today we launch a new circuit and unleash ghosts and zombies on the Headquarters!

  • New Circuit: USA
  • To celebrate Halloween, the Headquarters page and the background have been restyled in a Halloween theme.

The Mega Mexico update: New Shop, Custom Calendars and Mexico!

26 Oct 2019, 18:15
This is the biggest update to iGP Manager since the introduction of Quick Races.

  • New Custom Calendars - One of the most popular feature requests we’ve had over the years is now here! Custom calendars allow league hosts to choose what circuits their league will race on each season, and in which order. At launch there are a total of 24 circuits to choose from, with league hosts customising and creating their own ideal 15 race season.* The new default calendar is randomly generated every season, throwing interesting design challenges and surprises to the managers, spicing up the racing.
  • New Shop - Introducing the brand-new Shop, with daily deals and rewards already included, soon we will release a range of exclusive special offers. Be sure to check back regularly and to download app updates to get early access to the latest special offers as they arrive.
  • New Circuit: Mexico - The list of circuits in iGP Manager just keeps on growing, and now Mexico has been added, just in time for the Mexican Grand Prix weekend. We hope you’ll enjoy the fun features of this circuit, such as the unique stadium section.

New Circuit: Azerbaijan. Advanced strategy improvements

11 Oct 2019, 00:00
  • New Circuit: Azerbaijan
  • Advanced strategy improvements - First stage. changes during the race will now be fully manual once the manager is attending the race. All automated advanced strategy during the race will be switched off while in attendance. Advanced strategy is still currently applied at the race start. The second stage will follow with the next downloadable app update, and will enable manually changing tyres before the race start if weather conditions change from wet to dry or vice versa.

Driver weight training fix

10 Oct 2019, 00:00
This patch addresses a specific issue with driver training for high level managers, whereby if the driver's attributes were all at maximum then their weight could not be trained (reduced further).

  • Fixed driver weight training when all other attributes are at maximum

Various improvements and fixes

27 Sep 2019, 16:37
  • Added legacy circuits to Quick Races. Those removed from the league calendar in updates can now be accessed and raced on in Quick Race lobbies. Hosts of a private Quick Race lobby may also select them to race on.
  • New and improved forum search algorithm - returns more relevant and accurate results based on the search query
  • Fixed 'Session expired' / 'Request failed' errors on rewarded video ad playback in apps
  • Fixed forum search not working due to invalid CSRF code
  • Fixed bug with forum search whereby characters such as spaces between words could break the search.

New Circuit: Russia

26 Sep 2019, 16:42
Our ongoing revamp of the race calendar in iGP Manager continues with the introduction of Russia.

  • New circuit: Russia

New Circuit: Austria

19 Sep 2019, 13:19
Another day, another new circuit! Austria has been added, this time replacing the old Europe circuit on the calendar. In order to maintain a sensible size on the calendar, as additional circuits are added they will replace older circuits.

  • New circuit: Austria
  • "League is full" message on Joining in a league if league is already full
  • Various minor fixes and improvements across the service

Various optimisations, improvements and fixes

12 Sep 2019, 15:30
  • Hotfix for gaining a marginal advantage when leaving and rejoining a league at the start of a season. Due to the new 19 race calendar, it was giving a small performance advantage. We patched it quickly after a couple of cases were reported, so very few people were affected by this.
  • Fixed tooltips displaying on links when clicked on mobiles (looked like a glitch, would appear only briefly before being wiped by loading).
  • Fixed tooltips interrupting button functionality on iOS 13.
  • Optimisations to comments performance both in-game on league wall and on blogs (reduced loading times, faster response changing pages and editing comments etc.)
  • Optimisations to translation system which should result in reduced page loading times, particularly on the forum and comments
  • Optimisations to bad word filters so that they process content faster (also reducing loading times)
  • Improved welcome tutorial to stop showing once 'Okay' is clicked. It was showing every time the app was initialised, for new teams not in a league. So, mainly this affected teams that only take part in Quick Races.
  • Changing pages on blog comments now takes place without a full page refresh

New Circuit: Canada

05 Sep 2019, 11:22
Following on from the recent launch of the French circuit, we are happy to announce that another new circuit, Canada, is also available in iGP Manager now!

  • New Circuit: Canada
  • Fixed bug where first comment on league wall might not go through on some devices/browsers. Most users did not seem to have this problem.

Daily Rewards hotfixes

04 Sep 2019, 00:00
  • Fixed daily rewards not showing for users not in a league.
  • Fixed daily rewards hit area being offset on iOS due to an animation glitch - this misleadingly giving some managers the impression that they could not access them, but the actual issue was that the hit area was offset from where it appeared to be.

New Circuit: France

30 Aug 2019, 17:18
Introducing the first new circuit of 2019! Today we have added the new French circuit to the standard league calendar and it is available immediately in Quick Races. No updates are required to access the new circuit.

Security patch

29 Aug 2019, 00:00
Today we introduced improved security and protection across the iGP Manager websites against potential Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks on users. To our knowledge, nobody has been affected by this, it was simply an improvement over existing security measures.

Changelogs, UI improvements

17 Aug 2019, 22:36
  • Added new changelog system (where you are reading this now!)
  • Added green personal best lap highlight and purple fastest lap highlight to race results and detailed results
  • Fixed bugs with first and last name inputs not allowing international character sets
  • Fixed bug with affiliate ad campaigns where signups via campaign links award additional Tokens
  • Fixed unintended font styles showing on desktop resolutions and tablets - it would differ by device
  • Hotfix to prevent making the same forum post multiple times while posting inside the in-app browser
  • Improved / reduced "pop-up" effect on Daily Rewards images - eliminated with placeholder frame so image doesn't stretch container/parent as it loads
  • Until further notice - stopped using minified JavaScript as the process was breaking loading on some Android 4.x and Internet Explorer devices
  • Various other fixes and improvements

July 2019 - Web Updates

31 Jul 2019, 00:00
  • Added new Daily Rewards system
  • Added repair car shortcuts to next race page and set car condition at which they show to 95% or less.
  • Added a quick bid button to the Transfers page
  • Changed default filters on league select page to show teams with 2 or more spaces, was previously 3 or more.
  • Improved display of investment pack in news feed
  • Fixed Auction UI glitches with web browsers using 2 or more tabs with different auctions open
  • Fixed ideal setup daily reward not updating with weather changes.
  • Fixed various issues with league schedules and saving race times on the league edit page - particuarly when in timezones like the Americas this was a common issue
  • Fixed accents and foreign language characters throwing errors when used in driver/team name/user first/last name on joining
  • Fixed potential bugs with race times if there are any form errors.
  • Hotfixes to sponsor money awarded in QR to teams in leagues
  • League select filters will now revert to showing all results if there are less than 3 results.
  • Fixed some HTML tags being permitted on league wall comments
  • Translation revisions.
  • Update race viewer to version 3.45 now in sync with app versions of the same number
  • Various other fixes and improvements

June 2019 - Web Updates

30 Jun 2019, 00:00
  • Improved functioning of League Select search filters and greatly reduced loading times of League Select page and filters.
  • Changed support email
  • Changed driver healing process to include Quick Races
  • Changed League Select page to only show leagues with 3 or more spaces to avoid overlapping requests to join leagues resulting in full leagues before a player attempts to join.
  • Improved registration process to use a page instead of a dialog - more reliable and cannot be easily closed by accident
  • Fixed bug with design points not being awarded at the start of a season but the manager being mailed a notification saying they got design points
  • Fixed a bug with new user signups
  • Fixed forum labels for new Italian forum
  • Fixed overlapping layout on mobiles with [+] icon on cash and tokens balance in header
  • Hotfix to league race objectives being impacted by Quick Races
  • Hotfix to reward changes
  • Hotfix for league info dialog
  • Revised XP calculations based on player feedback (returned league race XP to old levels - reduced Quick Race XP and capped per day)
  • Translation revisions
  • Increased sponsor payouts in response to feedback from users.
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Quick Races

13 Jun 2019, 00:00
  • Added new Quick Race mode.
  • Added new Start lights in race viewer.
  • Fixes and improvements to car animations.
  • Fixes to strategy tab in live races.
  • Fixes and improvements to chat during races.
  • Fixed translations not loading in the race viewer.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

May 2019 - Web Updates

31 May 2019, 00:00
  • Added League invitations between friends
  • Added League welcome mails which can be customised by league hosts
  • Added mass message option for league hosts
  • Added new menu of options to friends list e.g. 'View League' and 'Invite to League'
  • Added a notification icon to comments sections on new replies
  • Add 'League Mail' tab in Mail dialog for hosts
  • Added [+] icons to top right corner of cash and tokens in the header ot make it clearer that they can be bought by pressing them
  • Added animations to number value updates in the UI
  • Added detection to determine whether an e-mail address is already in use
  • Improved process for connecting to an auction
  • Improved 'Buy now' and 'Bid' button behaviours to remain disabled until an Auction is fully loaded
  • Improved behaviours around UI locking for League Races
  • Improved forgotten password emails to include all accounts associated with an email address
  • Improved public login page/redirect to return to forum after login
  • Fixed DST changes in a league host's timezone causing their league's race times change whenever they edit them during a time change
  • Fixed bug when loading the start screen while not logged in
  • Fixed a glitch whereby icons may show placeholder text before an icon was visible
  • Fixed objective not showing for upcoming races
  • Fixed rare issue where liveries were not showing for some teams that had left the league on the 'Standings' page
  • Hotfix to lobby.
  • Hotfixes to checks which determine whether a manager is currently in a race
  • Hotfix to ensure league invitation mails are sent in recipient's language (previously this would not be the case if the league language differed to the recipient's language)
  • Reduced sponsorship money in preparation for Quick Races
  • Reduced XP gains for League races in anticipation for additional Quick Race gains
  • Reduced size of text on mobiles for engine restock notification, to avoid any translations being cut off by screen width
  • Translation revisions - including many edits in preparation for upcoming updates
  • Introduced interstitial ads for new non-paying users - automatically removed by any in-app purchase
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

April 2019 - Web Updates

30 Apr 2019, 00:00
  • Added spectate list filters (select track, tier etc.)
  • Added inline replies system for comments sections (e.g. League wall)
  • Add tooltip over star ratings for drivers and staff on 'Drivers & Staff' page like on transfers
  • Added new automatic cache clearing to avoid bugs caused by devices storing of out-of-date information in cache
  • Added missing flags including a new Catalan flag (for the Catalan langauge).
  • Added new Twitter rewarded referral link.
  • Added new header / page title transitions on phone apps
  • Added a notification for managers not in leagues that drivers only recover health when in a league
  • Added validation on Manager / Driver / Staff names
  • Improved tutorial visualisation (when highlighting an element now it will always blanket the entire page/dialog in shade - sometimes previously it would not do so).
  • Improved profile pic display size error messages on upload errors (e.g. file size too large)
  • Fixed long-standing bug where es, pt, gr, hu, pl players were all likely seeing the race viewer in English on mobiles and tablets
  • Fixed tutorial layout bugs with 'notch' devices - this primarily seemed to relate to the iPhone X
  • Fixed circuit image resolution for GB19 on 'Next race' page to improve loading times and performance
  • Fixed Ban Appeal to ensure mail is always in the user's selected language
  • Fixed confirmation dialogs appearing for actions relating to buttons which were supposed to be deactivated
  • Fixed forum labels in threads on new Spanish forum.
  • Fixed new players being permitted to add quotes into names when registering a new account
  • Hotfix for issue that caused service interruptions one eveningFixed new players being permitted to add quotes into names when registering a new account
  • Increased driver healing rate from rewarded video ads to 5% per view.
  • Updated all contact emails to point to new @igpgames.com domain
  • Banned the use of certain words in the entire game(words Blacklist)
  • Changes to the viewer loading process to prepare it for coming updates
  • Changed order of any track selection list(s) to match calendar order
  • Changed title of 'Next race' page to 'Next round'
  • Various other fixes and improvements

March 2019 - Web Updates

31 Mar 2019, 00:00
  • Added start time countdown for live race broadcast announcements on the home page
  • Improved comment formatting
  • Improved layout of parts and engines shop links on cars page to avoid confusion between the two
  • Improved ordering of spectate list to show highly populated, high reputation races at the top, not just the newest races
  • Increased healing rate to 5% per rewarded video ad view for training
  • Fixed prev/next arrow aligment on prev/next buttons on team settings dialog
  • Fixed forum infinite redirect loop when a thread is merged with and redirecting to itself (rare - not a common problem)
  • Fixes to forum labels
  • Fixes to translation in League Settings
  • Fixed league hosts unable to kick league participants
  • Fixed deeplinks when launching app for the first time (they were only working if the app was already running in the background)
  • Hotfixes to icons on public website
  • Translation revisions and additions
  • Various other fixes and improvements

UI & UX Improvements

25 Mar 2019, 00:00
  • Fixes and improvements to live race UI and In-App Browser.
  • Fixed car colours changing slightly on upload.
  • Improved camera panning animations.

February 2019 - Web Updates

28 Feb 2019, 00:00
  • Added new manual cache clear button to settings page - useful for resolving issues with out-of-date cached items
  • Added 'edited by' whenever a forum post is edited
  • Added soft upgrade prompt to home page which launches app stores when clicked
  • Added Race Duration and League ID to 'League info' dialog
  • Added automatic user nationality detection during signup
  • Added rewarded video ads (free investment button) to finances page
  • Added a timer limit on consecutive forum posting
  • Added new password recovery method
  • Added forum thread notification after a thread is moved into another forum
  • Fixed issues with Closed/Solved forum thread message
  • Fixed HQ showing "availalbe at level X" when manager was above that level while another HQ was under construction
  • Fixed swipe menu being available while on start screen after logging out
  • Fixed iOS bug where info (i) tooltips weren't working
  • Fixed sent mail in archive not being deleted when delete button pressed
  • Fixed league wall comment input layout
  • Fixed login buttons layout
  • Hotfix to investment dialog 'Free investment' button.
  • Improved Finances page to also respond in real-time to balance changes (previously only the value in the header did)
  • Improved forum notifications to hide bbcode content and only show text
  • Improved forum threads to show which moderator closed a topic
  • Updated race viewer and livery editor to match those in app version 3.37
  • Revisions to all translations.
  • Various forum fixes relating to timestamps around posts and threads.
  • Various fixes and improvements to ads integration and app version detection.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Japanese & Cache Clearing

14 Feb 2019, 00:00
  • Added cache clear option to settings page.
  • Added Japanese translation.
  • Fixed current tyre going out of sync on live timing.
  • Fixed visual glitch whereby cars could appear to warp around the track during lag/sync issues.
  • Fixed DRS activation glitch on lap 2 at Spain.
  • Improved reliability of rewarded ads.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

January 2019 - Web Updates

31 Jan 2019, 00:00
  • Added new rewarded video ads placement for investments for free investments
  • Added new vector icons across UI
  • Added new rewarded video ads placement on training page for free healing
  • Added waiting animations to bid / buy now buttons on auctions while connecting or placing bids
  • Added forum notification panel 'Clear Notification' button
  • Added notifications when a new thread is merged into an older thread
  • Added rating buttons to first post in all threads in the suggestions forum (the suggestion)
  • Added Investment Pack to home page in an effort to boost IAPs from UA.
  • Added clearer error messages when conneciton is lost on an auction unintentionally
  • Improved behaviours around deleting the first post of a thread
  • Changed port used by auction server, improving success rate at being allowed to participate in auctions by network firewalls
  • Fixed ban message in notification panel
  • Fixed issues with star icon scaling on mobiles
  • Fixed rewarded video ads buttons allowing continual playback even after offers have expired
  • Fixed issue whereby threads which were simultaneously pinned and closed showing a "closed due to inactivity" message
  • Removed Christmas background.
  • Various UI fixes and improvements.

December 2018 - Web Updates

31 Dec 2018, 00:00
  • Added New and improved friends list embedded in home page
  • Added New home page layout saving space and cleaning up UI
  • Added progress bar animation to test laps
  • Added car / livery previews to driver standings
  • Added detection for when a user has joined the game via a league link, prompting said user to join the league they launched the game with
  • Added new weather API provider (Dark Sky API) as old provider (Weather Underground) is closing at the end of the month
  • Added preliminary support for right-to-left aligned languages
  • Added team colours to all standings
  • Added team colours to race results and practice results
  • Changed rules on forum to allow admins/moderators to not be subject to any restrictions on posting (e.g. posting back-to-back or time limits between posts) as it is often necessary for announcements and support
  • Added new forum rules so that banned users can no longer create forum threads
  • Fixed UI bugs within Headquarters while doing construciton projects
  • Fixed beginner tutorial getting stuck when app opened via a league link
  • Fixed the beta version of the race viewer settings as the default for all users after saving changes on the 'Settings' page
  • Fixed bug that caused active / pressed state of buttons to not show button depressed
  • Fixed bug where black team colour was saved as '0' instead of the correct hex code '000000'.
  • Fixed URL used to launch the website not loading after user login
  • Fixed bug with highlighted buttons during tutorials turning white when pressed
  • Fixed empty team names or team names containing special symbols not allowing beginner tutorial to progress beyond league selection.
  • Fixed incorrect temperature readings with new weather API provider
  • Fixed missing icons on help page.
  • Fixed poll NaN error when 0 votes
  • Fixed translations on weather forecasts to match new 7-day format from new weather API provider
  • Fixed water depth not always showing accurate values for practice laps when data was available
  • Fixes to various deeplinking glitches within the beginner tutorial - if a user signed up after launching the app via a link.
  • Hotfix for notification ! icon showing as ..." in Chrome."
  • Hotfix to new tabs glitch introduced by putting tabs on the home page.
  • Improved UI SFX to not play irrelevant SFX on login/initialization of app, e.g. money sounds as balance updated on launch
  • Improved display/layout of livery on team page
  • Improved efficiency and loading times across the site.
  • Improved layout of poll answers.
  • Improved league select page to ensure at least 3 leagues exist so nobody can become stuck on the league join step of the beginner tutorial
  • Improved loading times of friends list
  • Improved layout and organisation of information by setting universal picture dimensions and cropping images to fit in areas like comments, news, standings (previously dynamic sizes and aspect ratios were allowed, creating messier text)
  • Removed Export CSV button on tablets (this is now a Web-only feature)
  • Rolled back race viewer to version 3.3 from 3.34 as there were numerous reports of laggy/stuttery viewers on 3.34.
  • Thread in the 'Bugs' sub-forum now require the first post to begin with template questionnaire
  • Various hotfixes and performance improvements to the back-end service.

Stability updates

05 Dec 2018, 00:00
  • Fixed IAP failures during network issues
  • Fixed memory leaks in certain scenarios in the race viewer
  • Fixed livery showing numbers in place of sponsors when a team has no sponsors
  • Improved tyre selection during pre-race weather changes.
  • Improved livery editor performance to run better on mid and low end devices
  • Improved rendering on 18:9 displays
  • Improved performance and error handling on loading screens
  • Various other fixes and improvements

November 2018 - Web Updates

30 Nov 2018, 00:00
  • Added new standing water level indicator on home page and for practice laps - this information is collected from data on any other laps performed within the last 5 minutes by any team
  • Added forum notifications pane which notifies user of replies to threads they are following
  • Added Japanese language translation
  • Added language selection to start screen
  • Added emoji support to league descriptions, manager bios, forum posts and comments
  • Added Instagram follow reward
  • Added new 2018 car shape livery placeholders to Cars page
  • Added support for native share method in apps instead of old method which only supported Facebook or Twitter sharing via URL
  • Added ability for league hosts  to delete comments on their league wall
  • Added forum ban Appeal System
  • Revised UI first pass - increased use of rounded corners and gradients across UI
  • Fixed insufficient parts/engines prompts not opening the parts/engines dialog and not re-enabling button to buy parts/engines.
  • Fixed 'Preparation level' translation wrapping on to two lines on home page in some languages.
  • Fixed bug whereby putting a single driver or staff on auction it would say you've reached the limit
  • Fixed bug which could result in the beginner tutorial becoming stuck on a particular screen
  • Fixed issues with car design scaling when promoting within a league
  • Fixed bug with new moderator permissions that resulted in the comment module being hidden for ordinary users
  • Fixed 'Research' dialog not showing correct previous race design levels after more updates were applied
  • Fixed some game-breaking bugs with tutorials in Chrome-based browsers
  • Fixed language selection changing erratically (not being reliably stored) when not logged in
  • Fixed numeric hex-codes starting with leading 0s not exporting/importing correctly in livery editor
  • Fixed swipe menu opening on the start screen before it should be visible when opened via swipe motion
  • Fixed various tutorial bugs.
  • Fixed bug with thread title input check when replying to posts, as they don't have titles and this was preventing replies
  • Improved reliability of various app calls, reducing potential for failures including IAP failures.
  • Improved performance / reduced loading times of all HoF categories
  • Changed forum to block topic titles written in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Improved forum thread title display to be contained on a single line
  • Significant optimisations across service to loading times and stability
  • Removed G+ from social networks in share dialogs
  • Removed Halloween background.
  • Removed language selection from team creation screen.
  • Updated WebGL livery editor and race viewer to align with those in version 3.3 of the apps
  • Various fixes, revisions and improvements to UI updates
  • Various translation updates.

October 2018 - Web Updates

31 Oct 2018, 00:00
  • Added 'share' button to manager, driver and staff profiles
  • Added Instagram to social media channels included in $1m for follow promotion inside iGP Manager
  • Added all international name suggestions posted by users on the forum
  • Added back button to login screen after pressing 'Sign in with iGP Manager'
  • Added language localisation to web checkout
  • Added logging of designs when saved from design page allowing admins to perform manual rollbacks and advanced debugging when users need support for any reason
  • Added new rewarded ad placement on the cars page for free parts
  • Added new way for a league host to be declared inactive - if they have not been in the league they are hosting for 14 days or more, even if they are active outside of the league
  • Added Halloween background
  • Attempted fix for reports of driver contracts & cars not syncing properly.
  • Improved behaviour of ads to not show ads button if it is not ready to play.
  • Fixed mobile app HQ build notifications not linking to correct building ID
  • Fixed a potential HTML injection loophole
  • Fixed bug during Cars tutorial where a manager could exit the flow of the tutorial and become effectively stuck (though it was possible to escape this 'stuck' stage by pressing back button)
  • Fixed bug on profile after adding share button to header, car livery was line-wrapping
  • Fixed bug where Notes would convert all newlines to two newlines
  • Fixed bug where automatically generated leagues were all 'en' language and at '19:00' GMT only
  • Fixed bug whereby a team could sell all of its drivers or staff by putting some on auction and selling the rest.
  • Fixed car designs not resetting in some circumstances at the end of the season.
  • Fixed cars not showing in the standings table for some teams
  • Fixed end of sesaon design resets happening twice to some teams after promotion/relegation, resulting in a total wipe of designs and reset to 1 of all attributes.
  • Fixed forum link to open in internal browser as intended
  • Fixed issues with twitter card preview images when sharing links from igpmanager.com on Twitter
  • Fixed Facebook account syncing issues - new accounts being generated when connecting Facebook to old accounts
  • Fixed maintenance messages to launch via internal browser.
  • Fixed new bug with end of season car designs not resetting after promotion/relegation.
  • Fixed rounding error on certain currency amounts e.g. values over 999,500 but below 1,000,000 would show as £1k instead of £1m, and the same issue applied at 1 billion etc.
  • Fixed two major end-of-season issues: relegation/promotion designs not being scaled since service migration to new provider and a glitch when changing leagues that meant new season design didn't reset and manager kept accumulated design points
  • Improved design Upgrade button to disable itself if the user assigns all of their design points so it can't be launched again with 0 design points
  • Improved checks for ongoing races within a league to ignore previous seasons and corrupt races and only focus on the currently active season
  • Improved news performance (reduced loading times for home page)
  • Improved phrasing of setup reminder app notification
  • Improved tutorials to redirect to a relevant page after they are skipped
  • Improved tutorials to reduce HTTP requests on initialisation
  • Removed in-game mail restrictions and limits for Moderators
  • Removed cascading post limit for moderators as well as admins.
  • Removed exact user rank by number display from HoF when above 1000 to increase efficiency of the service
  • Optimised several back-end services for better performance.
  • Revisions to all translations.
  • Temporarily removed penultimate step of Cars tutorial as it was freezing some apps
  • Improved the weather system to only increment/decrease temperature by six degrees - if, often due to weather station faults, an extreme change occurs, it will be less likely to have an impact and manifest any front-end issues
  • WebGL race viewer updated to alignment with app version 3.2
  • Various important hotfixes since version 3.0 update to the apps.

September 2018 - Web Updates

30 Sep 2018, 00:00
  • Added new ability for league members to take over hosting of a league if the host has been inactive for 14 days and the league participant has been in the league for 20 races or more
  • Added new notification preferences to settings and new preferences dialog
  • Added new automatic timezone detection to prevent issues with DST in certain regions
  • Added various app notifications such as: Staff and Driver contracts, Sponsor expiration, HQ construction complete, race setup and race moved
  • Added automatic league generation when none exist and new players are searching for leagues - to avoid app getting stuck on beginner tutorial or players who don't want to create a league quitting
  • Added liveries to team standings
  • Added forum post voting system (like/dislike)
  • Added translation for service-level messages, such as maintenance warning on home page
  • Added ability for service to automatically generate leagues "hosted by iGP" if required
  • Critical fixes to app notifications.
  • Fixed 'go to race' link going directly to practice results when sometimes these don't exist, which caused UI glitches.
  • Fixed auto-generated female drivers / staff getting male names
  • Fixed game-breaking issue on older Android versions such as 4.x due to JavaScript calling unsupported methods.
  • Fixed bug with "You must select at least one driver to train" message showing up incorrectly during training.
  • Fixed bug with new 'host inactive' feature whereby users could see button to take over hosting even if they were ineligible.
  • Fixed bug with standings whereby a team could appear in two tiers on the same season number (e.g. after promotion/relegation, or leaving/rejoining the league etc.)
  • Fixed drivers being generated with empty names
  • Fixed mail being sent saying you cannot participate in the first race after joining a league
  • Fixed news reporting when a user leaves the league in their local language - now respects league language
  • Fixed non-alphanumeric names being allowed
  • Fixed sharing links.
  • Fixed spectate dialog throwing an error sometimes.
  • Fixed training tutorial not functioning as intended when toggling between training focus/overview on mobiles
  • Fixed glitch where league tiers would not maintain accurate team total counts on the league page
  • Hotfix to forum link on menu for internal browser.
  • Improved app loading speeds by utilising caching in more places
  • Improved behaviour of tutorials and various hotfixes.
  • Improved car design upgrade process to avoid the need for a full page refresh, updating the values inline instead
  • Improved 'clear all notifications' not do a global 'mark all read' but only those on the notifications list
  • Improved transfers page to show more highly rated staff and to refresh more frequently
  • Improved translation and content loading reliability, by loading in English translation in the event that no localisation is found
  • Removed Romanian translation due to lack of use and difficulty maintaining it
  • Legacy tutorials will show when no new tutorial exists for a given page.

New Car & Livery Editor

30 Sep 2018, 00:00
  • Added 2018 car - with 5 new liveries and stunning new visuals.
  • Added rewarded video ads partner offering increased availability of ads.
  • Added app notifications.
  • Added deep-linking system - links from igpmanager.com/app now open in the phone or tablet app for easy sharing.
  • Added tutorials.
  • Added In-app web browser.
  • Improved tyre performance and balance.
  • Improved tyre wear rates, now scaled to race duration.
  • Improved loading times.

August 2018 - Web Updates

31 Aug 2018, 00:00
This month the service was migrated to a totally new service provider and datacenter setup. Our configuration was changed entirely to optimise for performance and stability of the service. For this reason there were fewer changes than usual, and most time was spent porting, refactoring and fixing the service to work with the new setup.

  • Migrated service to new service provider / datacenter configuration. Totally rewrote and prepared many back-end services as part of this process.
  • Added Catalan and Balkans region translations
  • Added deeplink support to apps for race viewer and livery editor
  • Fixed new forum toolbar (many bugs with original implementation)
  • Fixed tutorials never ending in version 3.0
  • Fixed undefined variable bug in forum.js.
  • Fixed undefined variable bug in init.php
  • Fixed unique structure of Icelandic surnames not respecting gender of drivers/staff.
  • Hotfix to get cars page to refresh after saving a livery in a more appropriate manner
  • Improved livery editor dimensions on export (larger top image) for higher resolution
  • Improved service efficiency - Driver automatic healing now only impacts teams in leagues
  • Improved resolution of Token icons for retina screens
  • Improved result dialog to hide practice lap tabs when none exist after practice has locked
  • Improvements to tutorial positioning over highlighted elements.
  • Increased resolution of flags on public website.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

July 2018 - Web Updates

31 Jul 2018, 00:00
  • Added new Privacy settings, including ability to block private messages
  • Added CSV exporting of race data
  • Added ability to change player name and nationality
  • Added car image to manager profile dialog
  • Added forum image resizing code to prevent images being larger than the post container
  • Added new method and improved behaviour of issuing penalties when changing leagues
  • Added new system for calculating car designs when changing leagues
  • Added new translation tools for translators
  • Added support panel user link to forum posts for support team.
  • Added translation files to memcache to avoid constant read/writes to servers.
  • Added translation to WYSIWYG post editor on forum.
  • Added translations for circuit names
  • Added translations for ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc.)
  • Changed buttons on profiles to icons due to wrapping to new lines and layout issues in many translations.
  • Changed forum pruning to ignore pinned threads
  • Fixed Facebook share link on desktop / browser version in friends dialog
  • Fixed bug whereby alert icon for expiring contracts is only shown on 1 expiring contract when there are multiple
  • Fixed bug with tall/narrow profile images causing overlapping mails in mail dialog
  • Fixed clicking precisely on the notification icon on the 'Upgrade' button on the Cars page triggering total refresh of app / page
  • Fixed major bug with driver health starting at 100% in every race regardless of what it was set to
  • Fixed forum threads not showing option to post when re-opened by an admin or moderator after being closed due to inactivity
  • Fixed various minor glitches with notifications.
  • Hotfix for friends list not working in some cases
  • Hotfix for moderators unable to edit comments
  • Hotfixes to UTF-8 encoding on some translations.
  • Hotfix to Ukranian translation.
  • Hotfix to currency functions not showing 'k' after values between 1k - 10k.
  • Improved performance of service by monthly pruning of lap-by-lap race data
  • Improved behaviour joining leagues - prevented during end of season / new season creation period, which will prevent several issues with car designs
  • Fixed bug with Youth Academy not producing drivers of same nationality as manager
  • Improved behaviour of practice laps to better stabilise weather changes from lap to lap
  • Improved clarity of league page header and added new league link sharing option
  • Improved email validation
  • Increased the available length of text in league descriptions to double the previous value.
  • Merged Spanish (European) and Spanish (Latin) translations into a single 'Spanish' translation
  • Merged Portuguese (Portugal) and Portuguese (Brazil) translations into a single 'Portuguese' translation.
  • Optimised loading times of spectate dialog
  • Put new tutorials live for app versions 3.0 or later
  • Revisions to translations.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

June 2018 - Web Updates

30 Jun 2018, 00:00
  • Added Ukranian translation
  • Added emoji support to text throughout service
  • Added pruning of inactives from Pro and Elite (inactives kicked from Rookie after 30 days, Pro after 60 days, Elite after 90 days)
  • Changed behaviour when a race is wiped/deleted manually by admins to repair all cars in affected race(s) to 100% condition
  • Fix for drivers not being re-assigned for seller after auction sales.
  • Fixed beginner tutorial keeping some UI elements hidden even after completion
  • Fixed bug with fuel and tyre suppliers being charged twice in races
  • Fixed issue where profile photos would show cached version even after uploading a new one
  • Fixed issues with tutorial highlights
  • Hotfix for no objectives being set in a race (objective was always "Finish the race")
  • Improved forum to tracks when users last read a forum thread to display an accurate read status per-thread
  • Optimisations to functions which assign drivers to cars within teams
  • Updated financial penalty for changing leagues to 1% of balance (formerly 10%)
  • New GDPR compliant Privacy Policy, EULA and other legal documents.

May 2018 - Web Updates

31 May 2018, 00:00
  • Added support for app notifications
  • Added menu tutorial
  • Added a new tutorial "skip tutorial" option and clearer styling to new tutorial system coming in version 3.0
  • Fixed display of new tutorials so they can overlay dialogs and pages and tutorial text can display above highlighted elements
  • Fixed issue with quotes on the forum which had no author.
  • Fixed several issues with tutorials including game breaking bug for new players in older versions of the app
  • Improved behaviour of on-time purchase Investment Pack IAP by removing it from the screen once purchased to avoid confusion
  • Improvements to tutorials - can now reposition tutorial to avoid overlapping with elements that require interaction or which are highlighted
  • New Ukranian translation
  • New fully rewritten PT-BR translation
  • Revisions to EULA, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  • Moderators are now granted access to passworded leagues for the purposes of assisting with support cases.

April 2018 - Web Updates

30 Apr 2018, 00:00
  • Added New tutorial system and beginner tutorial coming in version 3.0
  • Added Best Solution system to forum for Help & Support threads which require solutions
  • Added new option to select if a post was helpful or not helpful
  • Added ability to select (and thus copy/paste/share) text from comments in-game
  • Added prevention for cascading posts (multiple posts in a row).
  • Added tooltip to training when unable to train because insufficient drivers selected
  • Fixed minimum height of text input on comments (it had become short somewhere in recent updates).
  • Fixes for livery and profile photo uploads
  • Fixes for PHP 7 compatibility
  • Fixes to 'best solution' on forum
  • Improvements to forum thread formatting.
  • Improvements to labels systems on forum
  • Reduced cascading post limit to 3 hours
  • Reduced number of permissions requested on Facebook registration
  • Updated nationality lists to current UN standard (and removed sensitive terms on disputed territories - we do our best to remain fully impartial on such issues while complying with UN standards).
  • Upgrade web systems to PHP 7 and revised all scripts for compatibility
  • Updated Facebook API version used
  • Forum thread titles are now more limited in length to avoid lengthy titles

March 2018 - Web Updates

31 Mar 2018, 00:00
  • Added new swipe menu (access the menu by swiping from the left of the screen to the right, and to close it swipe in the opposite direction)
  • Added more high level drivers and staff to transfers page
  • Added new international language forums
  • Added new methods to prevent account conflicts when jumping between multiple accounts during one session
  • Added moderator and admin post styling to the forum and improved colours
  • Added new Facebook Invite button to live builds from version 2.6+
  • Doubled resolution of flag icons for retina screens
  • Fixed iPhone Notch on display covering header
  • Fixed bug with league edit page not recognising existing language setting of league
  • Fixed bug with league edits not saving
  • Fixed bug with livery editor button not working.
  • Fixed comment editing not working.
  • Fixed process for updating race days when changing race start times - it was previously putting races on the same day.
  • Fixed web-browser based purchases specifically, of the 'Investment Pack', not awarding cash along with Tokens
  • Hotfix for dialogs with iPhone X notch.
  • Hotfix to Polish translation.
  • Hotfixes to Greek and Spanish translations.
  • Hotfixes to forum labels and reduced font size.
  • Improved forum to auto-lock threads older than 6 weeks
  • Improved Rewarded Ads integration
  • Improved menu behaviour to show automatically after login on wide screens
  • Improved forum icons.
  • Improved loader animation
  • Improvements to forum
  • Optimisations to system performance behind the service
  • New WYSIWYG editor now fully integrated and all old functionality ported (edit posts, quote, delete posts, etc.).
  • Removed supplier bonuses from research dialog.
  • Updated all JavaScript libraries
  • Various hotfixes to translations.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Performance improvements

13 Mar 2018, 00:00
  • Improved loading times.

UX & Stability Improvements

09 Mar 2018, 00:00
  • Fixed loading errors on some devices.
  • Fixed some problems with the new video advertisement system.
  • Improved camera stabilisation and zoom response during race events.

February 2018 - Web Updates

28 Feb 2018, 00:00
This month saw a huge update for caching and optimisation to accelerate performance of the game on all platforms.

  • Greatly improved utilisation of caching and optimisation techniques across all systems
  • Added current user to first page of Hall of Fame so they can compare with top players
  • Added investment pack deal to Tokens dialog
  • Added loading animation when launching rewarded video ads to make it clearer when it is loading
  • Changed league links on league select page to point to standings for player tier
  • Fixed bug with incorrect currency symbols being cached on transfers page
  • Fixed bug with liveries not showing sometimes
  • Fixed transfer fee number not being visible on iPhone 4/5S on transfers (due to smaller screen width)
  • Fixed image scaling on developer blogs to ensure they stay within article container
  • Fixed name of recipients on sent mail tab.
  • Fixed potential bug with profile photos - wasn't using Facebook photos in some cases potentially
  • Hotfixes to drivers championships
  • Improved clarity of league select page with tip indicating race days are shown in green.
  • Improved desktop / web browser initialisation speed of app
  • Improved efficiency across Forum
  • Improved efficiency of Hall of Fame.
  • Improved efficiency of cars and team page
  • Improved efficiency of comments module
  • Improved efficiency of new season generation
  • Improved efficiency of loading user preferences for iGP
  • Improved efficiency of profile dialog
  • Improved efficiency of race result processing
  • Improved efficiency of standings page, settings page, manager page, teams page, friends dialog, profile dialog
  • Improved visibility of available leagues by extending host active period to 28 days from 3 days
  • Improvement to Dutch translation.
  • Improvements to Turkish translation.
  • Increased rate at which historical financial data of teams is pruned to optimise the service further.
  • Various hotfixes.
  • Various minor efficiency improvements and bugfixes
  • Web: Enabled entering league ID in address bar of browser on Standings page to view standings of any league

8K HD Circuits & Rewarded Video Ads

28 Feb 2018, 00:00
  • Added 8K high-definition race-circuit images.
  • Added video adverts platform.
  • Added an effect when cars goes under objects on race-circuit maps.
  • Fixed chat not working after a race has finished.
  • Improved engines, fuel and tyres with a wider variety of influences on car design and team finances.
  • Improved stability and speed of interfaces and servers.
  • Improved camera zoom in live races.

January 2018 - Web Updates

31 Jan 2018, 00:00
This month we continued to develop new and improved Support tools to enable the iGP support team to better assist users both more quickly and with greater ease. This took up a lot of development time without introducing any front-end changes, but we believe is worth it to improve your overall experience of iGP Manager.

  • Added 'get assistance' button to start screen to make finding help and support easier
  • Added new 'league' bbcode to the forum for sharing a league summary that updates real-time
  • Improved icons for menu
  • Efficiency improvements throughout the service (reduced loading times, increased stability)
  • Fixed bugs with forum thread title editing
  • Fixed display issues on iOS on some elements in dialogs/pages.
  • Fixed HTML linebreak tags showing as text in manager bios.
  • Hotfixes to loads of translations in several languages including Dutch, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish.
  • Improved live race service stability at peak times when lots of races are running
  • iOS: Improved scroll behaviour (added bounce effect) for various embedded scrollable elements like news
  • Service announcements can now be placed on the home page by admins.

December 2017 - Web Updates

31 Dec 2017, 00:00
This month we developed new and improved Support tools to enable the iGP support team to better assist users both more quickly and with greater ease. This took up a lot of development time without introducing any front-end changes, but we believe is worth it to improve your overall experience of iGP Manager.

  • Added filter to league select page
  • Added new 5 minute restriction on commenting after joining a league
  • Prohibit players from commenting leagues they do not belong to (but exclude Admin and Moderators from this)
  • Revisions to Polish translation.
  • Improved CDN to utilise caching to increase performance and decrease loading times

November 2017 - Web Updates

30 Nov 2017, 00:00
  • Added polls to forum threads
  • Fixed potential glitch that could cause duplicate season generation at the end of a season and beginning of a new one
  • Fixed double design-resets at the end of a season (where all attributes could reset to 1)
  • Fixed Rewarded Ads integration
  • Fixed HTML injection exploits
  • Fixed bugs with league host changes introduced in recent updates
  • Fixed league select not showing leagues when there are errors with seasons
  • Fixed old league host still being able to delete comments on league after transferring hosting
  • Hotfix to 'Live' go-to-race button on the league schedule on the league page
  • Improved parsing of race results for better service stability
  • Improved efficiency of league and standings pages.
  • Moderators granted new powers to make changes to leagues and to change manager names
  • Disabled notification emails as this method of sending and recieving notifications is now an antiquated practice

October 2017 - Web Updates

31 Oct 2017, 00:00
This month was spent refactoring and preparing much of the codebase for a series of major updates and fundamental changes to the systems underlying iGP Manager, due in upcoming updates.

  • Added confirmation dialog to investments, parts and engines purchases to prevent accidental purchases
  • Added cash bonuses for liking iGP Manager on Facebook and Twitter
  • Fixed balance not updating after 'Buy now' transfers
  • Fixed display bug on mobiles where confirmation tooltips may not be wide enough to display on buttons resulting in "..." showing on yes/no buttons instead of tick/cross symbols
  • Fixed display of igpmanager.com on 4-inch mobile screens
  • Fixed missing line in Polish translation.
  • Fixed teams being included in races when they joined the league after the race start time - getting sponsorship money
  • Fixed text wrapping on Twitter button.
  • Improved French translation
  • Improved layout of igpmanager.com landing page on all platforms.
  • Improved spectate dialog to prevent races that are finishing from showing in the list
  • Inverted order of push level in advanced strategy - was low to high now high to low.
  • Removed the RSS version of the league news feed as it is not used anymore.

September 2017 - Web Updates

30 Sep 2017, 00:00
  • Added 'Investment Pack' IAP
  • Added auto-kick after 28 days of inactivity from leagues
  • Added confirm dialog to buy now
  • Added video ad playback error handling
  • Added race cancellation when too few entrants are present in a given league (less than 2 teams taking part)
  • Added automated detection and repair of errors with contracts and car assignments for teams
  • Fixed a scenario for IAP failures
  • Fixed hex code for colour '000000' not loading correctly in to livery editor.
  • Fixed race time not updating on some devices, causing "in-race" status to be locked on
  • Fixed season generation incorrectly leaving up to a week between seasons on non-daily league schedules
  • Fixed tab alignment on dialogs on mobile portrait screens.
  • Fixed video ads playback issue where users could not watch 10 ads per day, only 10 in the last 24 hours from the current moment in time - resulted in users only being able to view 2-3 ads at a time unless they'd watched them all in a row the day before.
  • Heavy revisions to Romanian translation
  • Improved GUI design with transparency and visual effects
  • Improved IAP currency conversion throughout UI
  • Improved auto-kick to only remove teams from the Rookie tier after initial launch feedback
  • Improved league search for new accounts to only show leagues racing within 24 hours
  • Improved performance on mobiles & tablets by reserving transparency effect for desktops only
  • Improved styling and fixed various formatting errors on dialogs and pages
  • Removed 10% cash balance deduction when changing leagues - penalty was deemed too harsh
  • Removed 'Fastclick' JavaScript library in preparation for dropping support for Android versions below Android 4.4 - the purpose of the 'Fastclick' library was to remove a 300ms input delay on taps / clicks present in Android versions below 4.4
  • Removed option for public to opt-in to using beta versions of the live race viewer
  • Updatred Race Viewer and Livery Editor translations

In-App Livery Editor and new translations

20 Sep 2017, 00:00
  • Added 3D car paint scheme editor.
  • Added Auto-kick: Inactive players are now automatically removed from leagues to increase activity.
  • Added translations: Polish (Polski), Hungarian (Magyar), Greek (Ελληνικά) and Romanian (Limba Română).
  • Fixed the service in version Android 8.0.0 .
  • Improved interface on tablets: automatically highlights selected car and the timing panel can be resized.
  • Improved camera animations.
  • Improvements to service network and application stability.

August 2017 - Web Updates

31 Aug 2017, 00:00
  • Added sorting by headings to transfers
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Added Polish translation
  • Added error codes to Livery Editor
  • Added new 'sticky' property to dialogs to prevent them from being closed easily for things which need to be kept open like livery editor
  • Added new favicon with reduced footprint on network.
  • Fixed bug on HQ page where tooltips wouldn't show over buildings
  • Fixed bug on Training page where tokens amount would not be visible on Heal button
  • Fixed bug on cars page in Romanian (incorrectly named placeholders)
  • Fixed bug where finances page 'today' was not synced correctly to user timezone
  • Fixed bug where maxed level XP would break reputation calculations
  • Fixed bug with leaving leagues.
  • Fixed colour picker not disappearing and replaced old implementation with a better solution, to eliminate potential for repeat occurences
  • Fixed day names being displayed in English only on weather Forecast dialog
  • Improved efficiency of back-end services by identifying and addressing some bottlenecks
  • Revisions to Hungarian translation
  • Upgraded JavaScript libraries

July 2017 - Web Updates

31 Jul 2017, 00:00
  • Added new WebGL livery editor for testing by beta testers
  • Added polls to leagues above comments - only participants in the league may vote
  • Added strike bbcode to forum
  • Fixed numerous errors in various files.
  • Improved UI alerts/notifications reliability across sessions and accounts by wiping/resetting them on every launch and logout/login
  • Improved transfers to show more 5 star options
  • Revisions to several translations

June 2017 - Web Updates

30 Jun 2017, 00:00
This month saw a major efficiency update to cope with the scaling of the service as demand after the app launch in March far exceeded our expectations.

  • Added new offers system including for Facebook and Twitter follow
  • Added a new investment package deal for the shop
  • Fixed glitch whereby leagues without a start date specified were starting in a week rather than on the first available day.
  • Fixed default race time to 19:00 instead of midnight (should never have been the case)
  • Fixed date / time picker elements creating a huge scrollable area below the page content.
  • Improved efficiency of data storage/access
  • Improved efficiency of spectate dialog to load the list of races in chunks of 10 at a time instead of the entire list at once - as the service rapidly grows this is no longer sustainable
  • Improved league info dialog to show when user was last online as "x hours ago" or "x days ago" instead of a date time string
  • Improved reliability and efficiency of all race postpone and calendar generation functions
  • Re-organised structure of liveries for livery editor
  • Changed login session life to avoid unwanted logouts
  • Various fixes to translations

May 2017 - Web Updates

31 May 2017, 00:00
  • Added password recovery link to start page
  • Added Greek and Romanian translations
  • Added automatic pruning of obsolete content such as unpopular staff (without teams for 30 days or more), inactive leagues and more
  • Added tip to scroll horizontally and new scrollbars on sponsors to make it clear there are more options
  • Added visual animation to Tokens and Balance changes (+ flashes green if increasing and red if decreasing)
  • Fix attempted for drivers not showing up in the race on rare occasions for some teams.
  • Fixed 'Traffic Jam' achievement.
  • Fixed HQ showing "Available at level X" for buildings below the manager's current level while another HQ building is being upgraded
  • Fixed drivers and staff being generated with 0 level skills
  • Fixed league standings showing the wrong team under a driver when changing teams mid-season under some conditions
  • Fixed user being able to enter more text than allowed in to biography.
  • Hotfix to profile dialog
  • Improved behaviour of sponsor and supplier signing to close the dialog which would formerly sit there obscuring the page after changing.
  • Improved clarity of search by listing host name with leagues, manager with teams and team with drivers & staff
  • Improved efficiency of live race service at peak times to reduce server load and improve performance across the service
  • Improved layout of current weather conditions that accompany the 'Try setup' button - created more space for all translations
  • Improvement to French translation.
  • Changed transfers to only generate drivers under the age of 25 since those aged 30+ get far less bidding activity. Managers can still sell drivers aged 30+.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

New Translations & Increased Stability

07 May 2017, 00:00
  • Added translations: Finnish, Indonesian, Turkish.
  • Improved server and interface stability.
  • Improved support for low-end devices.

April 2017 - Web Updates

30 Apr 2017, 00:00
  • Added new start page and login process for clearer options including new "skip" signup/login option which creates a device-only / guest account
  • Added 30-day pruning of financial data.
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Added Indonesian translation first draft.
  • Added Turkish translation first version.
  • Added support for Russian (Cyrillic) characters and non-latin character-sets
  • Added language flag to news on home page for clarity
  • Added league language flags to league select page.
  • Added native language support for race reports (overrides league language setting) - managers were getting mail in other languages effectively
  • Added device-only / guest account prompts to add an email and password for cross-device account login and recovery
  • Added ability to launch links in the external OS browser from the app
  • Added option to toggle foreign language leagues on league select
  • Added scroll locking to menu to prevent page scrolling with it
  • Changed nationality of Cosurworthit engines to GB.
  • Completed ability to link Facebook accounts to existing accounts in-app
  • Fix attempted to catch races that don't run due to service restarts etc
  • Fixed HQ not showing "Available at level X" when construction projects ongoing
  • Fixed bug where you could buy a driver as a free agent during knockout rounds.
  • Fixed column headings on circuit history (wrong language lines)
  • Fixed forum search (broke after recent pagination tweaks).
  • Fixed one of the 'Go to race' buttons launching the WebGL viewer from the app.
  • Fixed images not showing from CDN on research dialog.
  • Fixed language in header on web checkout screens.
  • Fixed leagues count on Team and Manager pages.
  • Fixed localised IAP pricing.
  • Fixed missing line from translation on public website
  • Fixed news not showing UTF-8 characters
  • Fixed non-translated text on Forecast dialog and added translation for each language.
  • Fixed race lap-by-lap data not inserting occasionally
  • Fixed social media images in footer from CDN
  • Fixed tooltip glitch on Fuel Economy on 'Design' dialog
  • Hotfies to Turkish translation
  • Hotfix to driver images not showing up in viewer.
  • Hotfix to issue with training.
  • Hotfix to wipe notifications for guest accounts once an email is added.
  • Improved various performance issues related to scaling due to higher than expected demand for iGP Manager
  • Improved HoF images to remove "popup" effect on load
  • Improved efficiency of checks to see whether a race has finished
  • Improved account recovery process
  • Improved behaviour of transfers during knockout rounds - drivers/staff with bids stay visible throughout
  • Improved clarity of signup options and prevented auto-focus on login form which had the unintended effect of obscuring alternatives to Facebook registration
  • Improved display of language selection on public website to include flags and work on mobiles
  • Improved league selection to show leagues set to use the same language as the current player by default
  • Improved mail for league settings changes - now sent in native language rather than league language
  • Improved visibility of "Available at level X" text on HQ.
  • Increased top Tokens package to 1030 Tokens
  • Improved language selection list by re-ordering it and putting common languages at the top for ease of access
  • Revisions to Finnish translation.
  • Revisions to French translation.
  • Revisions to Indonesian translation
  • Revisions to Turkish translation
  • Revisions to Portuguese (Brazil) translation.
  • Updated engines quantities for sale in Shop.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Beta testing begins

04 Apr 2017, 00:00
  • First public release beta phase.
  • Added device sign in option (login without email or Facebook).
  • Added localised pricing (see items in your local currency).
  • Various GUI fixes and improvements.

March 2017 - Web Updates

31 Mar 2017, 00:00
  • Added new transfers feature: drivers and staff with bids now go to top of list and get highlighted for easy tracking of bids
  • Added translation support to public web game (until now iGP Manager was only available in English)
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added Dutch translation.
  • Added French translation
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation - first draft
  • Added Russian translation - first draft
  • Added new translations to public / PR website & option to select a language on home page
  • Added Rewarded Ads integration
  • Added 'Coming soon' notice / tooltip to livery editor in apps - WebGL version is online at igpmanager.com
  • Added language flag for 'News' RSS feeds
  • Added language selection to signup/team creation process and tidied display on mobiles
  • Added loading animation when changing scenes - to ensure that there is always visual feedback of a response on slow-to-respond devices.
  • Added option to use save button in header on team create page in case software keyboard is covering 'Create team' button in-app.
  • Added new popup window handling within app for links which launch popups on web.
  • Added preliminary in-app Facebook login and signup integration
  • Added several graphical updates in preparation for live launch of mobile apps.
  • Added ability for guests to change language before signing in or creating an account
  • Drivers & Staff now get removed from the transfers list when a 'Buy now' offer is placed on them (if the manager is present in that auction or places the 'Buy now' offer).
  • Finished IAPs for iOS in preparation for launch.
  • Fixed bug which seemed to occur when service was "hanging" recently (slow to respond)
  • Fixed click sounds playing on iOS and Android when scrolling down page (touching/dragging clickable elements triggered click sounds)
  • Fixed column widths on several tables not being wide enough to show values on mobile portrait
  • Fixed issue in Safari / iOS where creating or editing a team would not show the current logo on the team logo picker
  • Fixed issue where next race daily limit time check didn't allow exceptions for leagues moving next race times to earlier slots.
  • Fixed issue with leagues sometimes not saving passwords correctly
  • Fixed language select on home page on portable devices redirecting when clicked
  • Fixed 'League' page 'Go to race' link from launching the WebGL viewer via the app
  • Fixed loading spinner not showing above dialogs
  • Fixed music not stopping when turned off via web
  • Fixed numerous formatting errors in mails throughout the game, particularly relating to league changes
  • Fixed profile picture uploads
  • Fixed text formatting issue on postpone dialog
  • Fixed tooltips in apps and mobile browsers (iOS & Android)
  • Fixes for various mobile displays.
  • Changed default live race 'Viewer Quality' setting of 'Medium' to eliminate a number of performance issues experienced by new players.
  • Hotfix to French welcome tutorial.
  • Hotfix to friend add/delete not reloading content.
  • Hotfix to Brazilian Portuguese settings page.
  • Hotfixes to redirects throughout game.
  • Improved HQ background image (addressing ugly compression and shading on car park tarmac)
  • Improved animation speed of colourpicker.
  • Improved language selection to show each language name written natively and not translated, to reduce the likelihood of becoming stuck on a foreign language.
  • Improved behaviour for default language detection.
  • Improved display of test setup button to account for lengthier translations
  • Improved friends list to only display 10 friends at a time and dynamically load them in while scrolling.
  • Improved icons on race preparation tooltip to prevent shortcut buttons overlapping with tooltip or going off screen.
  • Improved page transitions to close all dialogs to avoid confusion in the apps where they cover the page.
  • Improvements to SFX to avoid using HTML audio to level volume
  • Increased security on Facebook login to prevent false positives when cancelling a login.
  • Reduced memory allocation for viewers back to normal.
  • Revised lowest token pack to £0.99 for 6 tokens (was £1.49 for 10)
  • Temporarily increased memory allocation for WebGL viewer
  • Temporarily set all users to use default profile picture to avoid memory leak issue in race viewer
  • Updated launch dates on website.
  • Updated methods used to play web audio.
  • Upgraded web to PHP 5.6.25 and made entire codebase compatible
  • Various fixes to Safari display issues and rendering problems
  • Vast improvements to all translations added this month.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

February 2017 - Web Updates

28 Feb 2017, 00:00
  • Added new visual HQ with hundreds of visual HQ upgrades and 64 million possible HQ combinations
  • Added new race review dialog with new number increment animations
  • Added preliminary Spanish translation
  • Added boffin achievement unlock button to rules & regulations
  • Added help page documentation
  • Added language translation capabilities for WebGL livery editor
  • Added mail flood filter and daily limit of 50 mails sent per day.
  • Added new lightweight mobile-friendly color picker to team creation process
  • Added option to reset tutorials / see them again via new help page.
  • Added real-time countdown on construction projects to HQ page
  • Added tips on all driver attributes for improved clarity
  • Fixed HQ actions being available while under construction (youth scout, upgrade technology)
  • Fixed Transfers page table columns not showing full values on mobiles
  • Fixed glitch where menu would stop sliding out after a menu button press on mobiles and tablets following a login or account switch.
  • Fixed issue with race lock on GUI elements not working when loading/reloading web app during a race.
  • Fixed managers being able to switch suppliers during a live race
  • Fixed several audio issues with mobile & browser implementation
  • Fixed tokens being awarded when accelerating HQ builds if for any reason a rare error occurred and build became overdue (and a negative build time remained)
  • Fixed typos in help documentation
  • Fixed word wrapping on menu in some translations.
  • Forced default 'Medium' push levels on practice laps.
  • Hotfies to new color picker - should now work in iOS and Safari.
  • Hotfix to issue with shop images
  • Hotfix to language elements on driver dialog.
  • Hotfix to tooltip positioning issues in various browsers
  • Improved default team colour to random selection to avoid grids of grey cars when grey was default.
  • Improved Achievements to have help cursor revealing tooltips
  • Improved HQ images on mobiles to optimise for 3G and 4G connections
  • Improved Parts and Engines images for better clarity in shop and purchase dialog.
  • Improved UTF-8 support throughout the game
  • Improved clarity of levels in HQ with star ratings
  • Improved next season car design CD strength and weakness impact - weakness now results in smaller gains rather than no gains, while strength has lessened impact to balance out design points.
  • Improved tooltip behaviour to be destroyed when menu is toggled, preventing overlapping tooltips from page and logout confirmation remaining after menu is gone.
  • Increased HQ upgrade cost by 5% per level.
  • Optimised HQ to only refresh page if necessary - previously carried out refresh even after a failed action
  • Raised default mechanic pit crew level to reduce error rate and random events during pit stops in races.
  • Updated language on some tutorials and tips to reflect manager level now being a 'soft' rather than a 'hard' cap.
  • Various language fixes / tweaks.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

January 2017 - Web Updates

31 Jan 2017, 00:00
  • Added new custom research choices - pick the areas your team researches.
  • Added new 'Units' tab to 'Settings' page which allows customizing units for currency, speed, height, weight and more throughout iGP Manager.
  • Added new ballast system for teams which exceed tier level cap. Also uncapped team levels beyond the tier limit, now that the ballast system will restrict performace above the level cap.
  • Added driver and staff career retirements
  • Added ballast icon to result dialog and practice dialog.
  • Added better handling of sockets on driver and staff transfer auctions
  • Added full interface reset when switching accounts (wiping go to race buttons, notifications etc.)
  • Added new "Invalid request or content not found" notice when requesting non-existant content IDs for things such as managers
  • Added notifications to research when selecting an area where gains are not expected
  • Added option to set standing water depth when fitting rain tyres and number of laps after rain stops to fit dry tyres
  • Added parts storage capacity to Manufacturing HQ
  • Added removing of Save button in header when closing a dialog that utilises it
  • Fixed 'Try setup' button misalignment on iOS devices and in the Safari browser
  • Fixed "Car on track..." message not showing when trying a setup
  • Fixed address bar link to driver or staff opened from Transfers being corrupted by changing tabs.
  • Fixed bug where training preferences would not save.
  • Fixed click sfx not switching off after preference is set to off.
  • Fixed close button touching sides of "Auction" and "Sell now" on "Sell" driver or staff option."
  • Fixed confirm dialogs appearing on hover on PC
  • Fixed glitch where notificatin icons for all drivers or staff with expiring contracts would be removed by clicking on any one of them
  • Fixed glitch which prevented research gains being applied when they were over 50%.
  • Fixed manager page showing negative XP to next level when max level reached.
  • Fixed manager profile potentially showing reserve staff in place of active staff.
  • Fixed notifications remaining when changing accounts.
  • Fixed retired drivers and staff showing in the transfer market.
  • Fixed staff dialog showing incorrect strength and weakness for Tyre economy and Reliability.
  • Fixed team page sometimes showing reserve staff in roles on overview tab.
  • Fixed weather returning erroneous temperature levels after a test lap
  • Improved (rewrote much of) tooltip functions to address several problems on narrow mobile resolutions and to increase accuracy of arrow pointing to source of tooltip
  • Improved Transfers page to always guarantee a minimum number of highly skilled drivers and staff of each type
  • Improved clarity of notifications that an 'Ideal setup' will be used for the race after it is purchased
  • Improved implementation and balance of Parts and Manufacturing HQ.
  • Improved language for driver suggestions on strategy tab when preparing for next race.
  • Improved practice dialog to have clickable driver names
  • Improved results table to have hover effects on individual cells which are clickable and removed bar chart icon on results field which was intended to indicate clickable content
  • Various other fixes and improvements.