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Hotfixes and clamping down on web scripts

07 Jul 2021, 17:25
  • Fixed Tokens being charged for editing names of Drivers, Staff or Managers when the names were not updated (e.g. contained special chars). Now an error message will be shown instead in such scenarios.
  • Fixed being able to promote newly scouted Young Driver Academy drivers while in debt.
  • Improved randomisation of Daily Rewards to break the operation of scripts that could guess what was behind each surprise card. Such scripts will no longer work and it is no longer possible to guess what is behind each card.
  • Free-agent Drivers and Staff can no longer be bought outside of an Auction. The exception to the rule is if a driver or staff member has ever been in your team before, then you may re-sign them. The capability to sign any free agent was being abused via browser scripts that scan all possible URLs, hoarding the best drivers and staff, with the aim of preventing other managers from accessing them. Such antics are no longer possible. We will also be looking in to improvements to the transfers system to offer more ways to access a wider range of drivers and staff.
  • Fixed flood attacks on HQ construction used to trigger more than one construction project simultaneously.

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