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iGP Games
Based in London, United Kingdom

Release date:
December 11, 2011 (Browser)
March 22, 2017 (Android & iOS)


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iGP Games, Third Floor
207 Regent Street


iGP Manager is a massively-multiplayer online motorsport manager game. Hire drivers and engineers, develop your car and technology, find the best car setups and race in real-time multiplayer, formulating the best tactics to win with your friends and opponents. The race engine features rich 2D graphics and real-time weather, streamed directly from weather stations at real-world race circuits, with a slick interface to make strategy decisions and send orders to your team. Your decisions in every race impact the outcome of the championship.

Background / History

iGP Manager was founded by Jack Basford in 2011 after financial setbacks pursuing a career as a racing driver. Unable to afford racing beyond PC racing simulators, in 2008 Jack entered and won a Formula 1 driver talent search which was due to be televised. In an unfortunate twist of events as the competition came to a close, F1 broadcasting rights were sold to a new television company, who dropped the show before it could air. This eliminated funding overnight and with it the best opportunity of a professional, fully-funded career as a racing driver. From there, Jack managed the highly successful sim racing team 3ID Motorsport to multiple championship titles on racing simulators.

Jack Basford, CEO, iGP Games

By 2010, disillusioned with racing and now in his 20s, Jack decided to pursue life as a technology entrepreneur. He then teamed up with friend Andrew to build iGP Manager. Several months in to the project, they rented a small flat in chilly Inverness, Scotland where they lived and coded for 6 months up to the launch of iGP Manager. Despite no prior training in game development, the pair successfully released iGP Manager in December 2011.

After iGP Manager's release, Jack returned to London and Andrew gradually moved on to other projects. A few years later, in 2014 Jack moved to Norway to live with his partner Caroline, where he continues to run iGP Games.


  • Create and customize your own racing team
  • Live & interactive races with team orders, strategy and live weather streamed from real-world race circuits
  • Race online with your friends or head-to-head with real people from around the world
  • Race how you want, when you want - setting race length and times to suit you and your friends
  • Create your own racing championships
  • Hire drivers and staff, upgrade your cars and build facilities, train your team and invest in technology
  • 17 international race circuits
  • A loyal community of motorsport enthusiasts and gamers
  • Automatic updates and improvements to the service


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Awards & Recognition

"I've enjoyed auto racing management style games for years. iGP Manager does a great job of providing an easy to understand fun experience for me and my friends."

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Two-time Daytona 500 Winner

"Succeeding where massive gaming companies have failed for the last 15 years since the Geoff Crammond era, there is now a Formula 1 management game that is actually worth playing. And being able to race in a championship against your friends means they know exactly how slow and rubbish your team is!"

Steven English
Digital Manager at Caterham F1

"I love iGP. It's like having your own Formula 1 team but without the politics. And you don't need pay drivers to keep the team alive."

Pablo Elizalde
Managing Editor of

"iGP has found a fantastic niche in the gaming market that is perfect for motorsport fans. It is detailed, realistic and fun, whilst seemingly ever evolving to include more and more of the things involved in running a Formula One team. It is the Football Manager of the F1 world, and if it goes on to be as successful as that franchise then we could be looking at iGP becoming a true classic. I sincerely recommend it."

Simon Melluish
Former FIA F2 press officer

"iGP Manager is a very enjoyable and involving F1 manager game, allowing participants to develop cars, staff, a team, develop facilities and select race strategies. I would recommend it to any fan of the sport."

Edd Straw
F1 Editor, Autosport

"iGP Manager is great fun. It's the first manager game to get me hooked, and now it's the only one I play."

Dennis Lind
Formula Ford Festival Winner

"At first I was sceptical about iGP, but it has been a revelation. There's enough depth to make the die-hards happy, while the easy functionality means those who just wish to play every now and then won't be penalised. Now if only I could figure out how to win, all would be rosy"

Steve Tremayne