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iGP Games
Based in London, United Kingdom

Release date:
December 11, 2011 (Browser)
March 22, 2017 (Android & iOS)


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iGP Games, Third Floor
207 Regent Street


iGP Manager is a massively-multiplayer online motorsport manager game. Hire drivers and engineers, develop your car and technology, find the best car setups and race in real-time multiplayer, formulating the best tactics to win with your friends and opponents. The race engine features rich 3D graphics and real-time weather, streamed directly from weather stations at real-world race circuits, with a slick interface to make strategy decisions and send orders to your team. Your decisions in every race impact the outcome of the championship.

Background / History

Jack Basford, CEO, iGP Games

iGP Manager was founded in 2011 by Jack Basford after pursuing a career as a racing driver. In 2008, Jack won a talent search looking for a future Formula One driver. The competition was set to be televised, until the rights changed hands at the conclusion of the competition, and the new rights holder dropped the show. The promised prize, a fully paid season in Formula BMW, vanished overnight. This setback led Jack to shift focus and pursue his passion for technology, learning software development, business, game design and more, mostly by reading.

After explaining his vision for iGP Manager to a friend, they moved in to a cramped flat and begin building it, hiring any extra help they needed using loans. Launched in December 2011 as a browser game, iGP Manager was the first of its kind, offering real-time multiplayer strategy. A loyal community grew around the title, which would later reach new heights when it became cross-platform.

By 2017 iGP Manager arrived in the app stores, where it went on to amass an audience of millions of players around the world. 2021 marked the addition of 3D graphics and wheel-to-wheel racing, making iGP Manager the first game in the genre to offer onboard and TV cameras, comparable to a racing game. To this day, it remains one-of-a-kind in the app stores, offering an experience and visuals normally reserved for desktop titles. One of the largest games of its kind to this day, with an ambitious team behind it, fully embracing remote work, iGP Games remains a fully independent studio. Jack is also the sole remaining founder, having persisted through the early startup years.


  • Create and customize your own racing team
  • Live & interactive races with team orders, strategy and live weather streamed from real-world race circuits
  • Race online with your friends or head-to-head with real people from around the world
  • Race how you want, when you want - setting race length and times to suit you and your friends
  • Create your own racing championships
  • Hire drivers and staff, upgrade your cars and build facilities, train your team and invest in technology
  • 24 international race circuits
  • A loyal community of motorsport enthusiasts and gamers
  • Automatic updates and improvements to the service


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R: 122, G: 181, B: 66

Awards & Recognition

"I've enjoyed auto racing management style games for years. iGP Manager does a great job of providing an easy to understand fun experience for me and my friends."

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Two-time Daytona 500 Winner

"iGP Manager is a very enjoyable and involving game, allowing participants to develop cars, staff, a team, develop facilities and select race strategies. I would recommend it to any fan of Formula 1 racing."

Edd Straw
F1 Editor, Autosport

"iGP is great fun - there's a huge amount of depth to the mechanics meaning I keep having to push to find the secret of a great team. But being a real-time league, it doesn't require a massive time commitment so it's well balanced with my busy schedule and need to go 'all in' on the simulation!"

Stuart Taylor (AKA. Chain Bear F1)
F1 video producer

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Note: Each game has its own licensing arrangements; iGP Manager and Motorsport Manager are not Formula 1 licensed products.