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Get the latest progress and updates on iGP Manager
168 threads
2901 posts
Race Delays (15 Aug 2018 @ 15:30 GMT)
20 hours ago by Lincol Albino

Leagues & Events

Discuss leagues, races and other events in iGP Manager
1328 threads
4972 posts
The Virtual Racing Federation
12 minutes ago by Dan Tyler


New! Promote drivers and staff for sale
953 threads
2163 posts
3 hours ago by Connor Cooper


Share your improvement suggestions
935 threads
6253 posts
Should they Ban creating leagues?
9 minutes ago by jerry alberti


Bug reports
1790 threads
12077 posts
Cannot set up car
4 hours ago by Andy Ward

Help & Support

Get assistance with something in iGP Manager from other managers
2138 threads
12554 posts
Not all leagues are searchable
26 minutes ago by Dan Tyler

General / Off-topic Discussion

Discuss anything in English
205 threads
1673 posts
Lost Tokens
1 hour ago by Mike Shelton

Other Languages

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Forum Italiano

Discussione generale in lingua italiana
263 threads
899 posts
Campionato Off-line
57 minutes ago by Matteo Simone

Foro Español

Discusiones generales en Español
372 threads
2926 posts
[Oficial] Formula Racing
1 hour ago by Juanma Ferrer

Deutsches Forum

Allgemeine Diskussionen auf Deutsch
103 threads
485 posts
Habe da ein paar Fragen
22 hours ago by Frank Thomas

Fórum Português

Discussões gerais em Português
206 threads
918 posts
14 hours ago by Sávio Sávio Miranda

Forum Français

Discussions générales en Français
56 threads
653 posts
Astuces de réussite chez iGP
2 days ago by Gerard V JB17

Nederlands Forum

Algemene discussies in het Nederlands
27 threads
94 posts
Feedback spelvertalingen
18 hours ago by jerry alberti

Polskie Forum

Ogólne dyskusje po Polsku
46 threads
240 posts
Problem z transferami
1 hour ago by Albert Briatore

Forum Indonesia

Diskusi umum dalam bahasa Indonesia
5 threads
64 posts
Forum IGPMania Garuda Indonesia !
9 hours ago by Raka Dilla

Magyar fórum

Általános viták Magyarul
33 threads
119 posts
Hungarian Grand Prix
5 days ago by János Rejtő

Российский форум

обсуждения на русском языке
30 threads
337 posts
Русскоязычный форум
3 days ago by Павел Петров

Ελληνικό Φόρουμ

Γενικές συζητήσεις στα ελληνικά
23 threads
370 posts
2 days ago by stef kan


Yleiset keskustelut Suomeksi
3 threads
4 posts
Suomenkielinen keskusteluaihe
105 days ago by Pablo Rosas

Türk Forumu

Türk Tartışmaları
33 threads
137 posts
Tek ve Çift pilotlu ligler
2 days ago by Onur Özyurt

Forumul Român

Discuții generale în limba Română
5 threads
6 posts
Nem tom
32 days ago by Aba Sánta

Other languages

All other languages
13 threads
73 posts
Liga nova Br
7 days ago by Marco Aurelio Andrade


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Threads from the legacy iGP Manager browser game
4832 threads
41118 posts