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Get the latest progress and updates on iGP Manager
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Support Response Times
2 days ago by Gustavo Heiden

Leagues & Events

Discuss leagues, races and other events in iGP Manager
1195 threads
4319 posts
New league
7 hours ago by Mohammad Yuzbashi


New! Promote drivers and staff for sale
834 threads
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I need a level 18 CD bad.
1 hour ago by Stu M


Share your improvement suggestions
842 threads
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Future leagues! Please support
7 hours ago by Nikolaj Schulz


Bug reports
1592 threads
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Can't watch ads? Post here!
48 minutes ago by Checco Pintori

Help & Support

Get assistance with something in iGP Manager from other managers
1966 threads
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Car compatability
9 hours ago by andrew higgins

General / Off-topic Discussion

Discuss anything in English
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Predict the world cup!
9 hours ago by Brian Salva

Other Languages

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Forum Italiano

Discussione generale in lingua italiana
211 threads
626 posts
Piloti a stelle rosse
1 hour ago by Simone Villa

Foro Español

Discusiones generales en Español
265 threads
2197 posts
F1 Hispanoamérica [Oficial]
3 hours ago by jose Torrez

Deutsches Forum

Allgemeine Diskussionen auf Deutsch
65 threads
271 posts
Neue aktive 19 Uhr Liga
13 hours ago by Crαshtєst Dummч

Fórum Português

Discussões gerais em Português
159 threads
722 posts
Ligas iGP HUE BR - Oficial
8 hours ago by Matheus Roth

Forum Français

Discussions générales en Français
35 threads
469 posts
10 hours ago by Mickael Renaud

Nederlands Forum

Algemene discussies in het Nederlands
21 threads
67 posts
Feedback spelvertalingen
1 day ago by José Trujillo

Polskie Forum

Ogólne dyskusje po Polsku
39 threads
202 posts
13 hours ago by Maciej Kwasiński

Forum Indonesia

Diskusi umum dalam bahasa Indonesia
5 threads
52 posts
Forum IGPMania Garuda Indonesia !
1 day ago by Guillermo Diaz Serrano

Magyar fórum

Általános viták Magyarul
21 threads
72 posts
Visszajelzés a játék fordításairól
1 day ago by José Trujillo

Российский форум

обсуждения на русском языке
24 threads
288 posts
Русскоязычный форум
5 hours ago by Павел Петров

Ελληνικό Φόρουμ

Γενικές συζητήσεις στα ελληνικά
19 threads
328 posts
5 hours ago by Petros Kou


Yleiset keskustelut Suomeksi
3 threads
4 posts
Suomenkielinen keskusteluaihe
48 days ago by Pablo Rosas

Türk Forumu

Türk Tartışmaları
24 threads
108 posts
Canlı Yarışta Online Hediyesi
15 hours ago by Berkay Kurt

Forumul Român

Discuții generale în limba Română
4 threads
5 posts
Liga noua ora 15
35 days ago by Huţan Gabriel

Other languages

All other languages
9 threads
59 posts
Balkanski forum (Croatia, Serbia , Montenegro , BiH , Slovenia , Albania , Macedonia)
1 day ago by Petros Kou


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Threads from the legacy iGP Manager browser game
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