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New scout system & improved performance & stability

13 Aug 2021, 15:42
  • New: Youth scouting system overhaul with a free scouting refresh every 48 hours and dynamic pricing aligned to HQ and youth levels.
  • New: Scout talented young staff from the Offices & Hospitality HQ. An entire team can now be scouted as an alternative to transfers.
  • Performance & Stability update (part 1) - a total overhaul of back-end website code in pursuit of faster performance, better rendering times and reduced UI latency. This will be most noticeable on management screens and when editing driver or staff appearance. On low-end devices improvements may be noticeable across all management screens. The second part of this update will arrive as an app update on the app stores soon. Both parts of this update are aimed at reducing ANR (app not responding) and crash scenarios with improved performance and stability.
  • Stricter system requirements on Google Play: Phones with 1GB RAM or less and tablets with 2GB RAM or less can no longer install iGP Manager through Google Play.
  • Added User ID to the bottom of the Settings page 'Account' tab. This is useful for support-related requests.

NOTE: A cache clear is required for this update. You can do this from the Settings page in game then clicking "Clear cache" at the bottom of the page. The game will attempt to do this automatically, but if you have any issues we recommend trying this.

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