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January 2018 - Web Updates

31 Jan 2018, 00:00
This month we continued to develop new and improved Support tools to enable the iGP support team to better assist users both more quickly and with greater ease. This took up a lot of development time without introducing any front-end changes, but we believe is worth it to improve your overall experience of iGP Manager.

  • Added 'get assistance' button to start screen to make finding help and support easier
  • Added new 'league' bbcode to the forum for sharing a league summary that updates real-time
  • Improved icons for menu
  • Efficiency improvements throughout the service (reduced loading times, increased stability)
  • Fixed bugs with forum thread title editing
  • Fixed display issues on iOS on some elements in dialogs/pages.
  • Fixed HTML linebreak tags showing as text in manager bios.
  • Hotfixes to loads of translations in several languages including Dutch, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish.
  • Improved live race service stability at peak times when lots of races are running
  • iOS: Improved scroll behaviour (added bounce effect) for various embedded scrollable elements like news
  • Service announcements can now be placed on the home page by admins.

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