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4.026 / 4.032 Updates

18 Jun 2021, 15:40
  • New scale-corrected Australia circuit (lap count changed to 57).
  • New physics for acceleration and deceleration intended to increase realism in car behaviour.
  • New background music track rotation.
  • Added changelog items to the news feed on the home page to better inform managers of development progress.
  • Added driver experience gains, parts and component wear back to Quick Races.
  • Improved app performance and stability (better optimised memory and CPU usage - more updates will follow in this regard).
  • Improved accuracy of car positions in 3D and smoother animations.
  • Improved location of DRS zones on Russia and Turkey - moved to lower-speed straights to offer more acceleration.
  • Improved panning and zooming controls in 3D race viewer for increased smoothness and reliability of registering inputs.
  • Improved road textures for all circuits.
  • Improved screenshot UI for livery editor and AR mode.
  • Improved 'flashing' tyre temperature indicator to appear sooner when tyres are getting hot or cold.
  • Improved location of spectator count icon on race viewer chat tab to avoid overlapping with chat messages.
  • Fixed race viewer not loading due to being unable to find translation files (returning to the management screens before loading)
  • Fixed bug where if manager had two cars and one retired or finished the UI for the second car was not accessible.
  • Fixed entire car showing as black in the livery editor when any of the three colours in the palette was set to black.
  • Fixed aerial camera 'shaking' during corners.
  • Fixed aerial camera becoming offset when selecting cars from the timing panel.
  • Fixed tyre gauge displaying minimum temperature instead of neutral before the start of a race.
  • Fixed 'special offer' in-app purchase not being clickable on desktop standalone version of the app.
  • Fixed ads playing in landscape orientation causing the management UI to be scaled incorrectly when returning to portrait.
  • Fixed text glitch on exported screenshots from livery editor in AR mode.
  • Fixed bug in 3D viewer where tapping in certain areas of the screen could cause the camera to switch cars unintentionally.
  • Fixed 3D minimap mode 'exit' button being obscured by other UI elements such as notifications in the race UI.
  • Fixed team logo not updating until next app session after changing it.
  • Fixed share buttons not using native share on tablet handheld devices.
  • Temporarily disabled fullscreen mode in Android 11 until a fix is available for reports of UI overlapping/obscuring game elements.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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