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Staff limits and other fixes

14 Jul 2021, 19:01
  • Added limits to drivers and staff - teams are now limited to 50 drivers and 5 staff per type (5 Chief Designers + 5 Technical Directors + 5 Doctors = 15 Total staff),  to prevent any team from accumulating tens of staff of any type. This capability was being exploited by some accounts to hoard the best staff, primarily Chief Designers, and prevent others from having access to them. Combined with work in the previous changelog and proposed changes to the transfer system that are in development now the overall aim is to improve fairness and access for all.
  • Improved behaviour of strategy saving - 'hidden' stints will now inherit the settings from the last visible stint, instead of maintaining independent settings (usually defaults).
  • Fixed an issue with the news feed not showing driver and team championship results, only one or the other.
  • Fixed 'Buy now' button on transfers not recognising when a team's balance was greater than the buy now cost when the balance was also less than the fee for a 'Bid' purchase. E.g. If a driver cost $10m and buy now was $5m but the team balance was $8m it would say you need to make an investment to "buy now" when this was not the case.
  • DRS zone on Turkey returned to original location on back straight

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