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NEW! League Rules Guide

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2 years 1 days ago (Last edited by José Trujillo 2 years 0 days ago)
League Rules Guide

League Rules are newly available settings for leagues. League hosts can decide to turn on/off rules as desired and the changes will impact the following season. There are 3 new configurable rules bundled with this update, with the possibility of more in future.

  • No refuelling: Cars will start the race with the required fuel to complete the race. By default the game will calculate the fuel needed based on your Fuel Economy attribute. You can also manually customize the fuel load using 'Advanced Strategy'. Pit stops will only change tyres and cannot add any fuel to the car. Stints lengths are also set in laps and not litres of fuel.

  • 2-tyre rule: You will need to fit two different dry compounds during a dry race. If it rains at any point during the race, the rule will be automatically disabled. If a car doesn’t follow the rules it’ll result in an automatic Disqualification / DSQ on the results and any points scored will be deducted.

  • Bonus point for fastest lap: One extra point will be awarded to the car that sets the fast lap, if they finish in the top 10 positions. If a car outside the top ten sets the fastest lap then no extra points will be awarded to that team.

medal 4789 Community Manager
1 year 344 days ago
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