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June 2019 - Web Updates

30 Jun 2019, 00:00
  • Improved functioning of League Select search filters and greatly reduced loading times of League Select page and filters.
  • Changed support email
  • Changed driver healing process to include Quick Races
  • Changed League Select page to only show leagues with 3 or more spaces to avoid overlapping requests to join leagues resulting in full leagues before a player attempts to join.
  • Improved registration process to use a page instead of a dialog - more reliable and cannot be easily closed by accident
  • Fixed bug with design points not being awarded at the start of a season but the manager being mailed a notification saying they got design points
  • Fixed a bug with new user signups
  • Fixed forum labels for new Italian forum
  • Fixed overlapping layout on mobiles with [+] icon on cash and tokens balance in header
  • Hotfix to league race objectives being impacted by Quick Races
  • Hotfix to reward changes
  • Hotfix for league info dialog
  • Revised XP calculations based on player feedback (returned league race XP to old levels - reduced Quick Race XP and capped per day)
  • Translation revisions
  • Increased sponsor payouts in response to feedback from users.
  • Various other fixes and improvements

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