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May 2017 - Web Updates

31 May 2017, 00:00
  • Added password recovery link to start page
  • Added Greek and Romanian translations
  • Added automatic pruning of obsolete content such as unpopular staff (without teams for 30 days or more), inactive leagues and more
  • Added tip to scroll horizontally and new scrollbars on sponsors to make it clear there are more options
  • Added visual animation to Tokens and Balance changes (+ flashes green if increasing and red if decreasing)
  • Fix attempted for drivers not showing up in the race on rare occasions for some teams.
  • Fixed 'Traffic Jam' achievement.
  • Fixed HQ showing "Available at level X" for buildings below the manager's current level while another HQ building is being upgraded
  • Fixed drivers and staff being generated with 0 level skills
  • Fixed league standings showing the wrong team under a driver when changing teams mid-season under some conditions
  • Fixed user being able to enter more text than allowed in to biography.
  • Hotfix to profile dialog
  • Improved behaviour of sponsor and supplier signing to close the dialog which would formerly sit there obscuring the page after changing.
  • Improved clarity of search by listing host name with leagues, manager with teams and team with drivers & staff
  • Improved efficiency of live race service at peak times to reduce server load and improve performance across the service
  • Improved layout of current weather conditions that accompany the 'Try setup' button - created more space for all translations
  • Improvement to French translation.
  • Changed transfers to only generate drivers under the age of 25 since those aged 30+ get far less bidding activity. Managers can still sell drivers aged 30+.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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