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3.605 update - part 2 (build 357)

12 Jun 2020, 08:57
  • Added 'Strategy Locked' notification when a car is in the pit lane and changes to strategy are disabled
  • Added 'Enter' key to open chat area
  • Improved boost button - better responsiveness, smarter logic at pit entrance and exit and improved display with enabled, disabled and depleted states
  • Improved consistency of live race data on devices with unstable network connections
  • Improved logic to determine which devices can download hi-res maps
  • Improved Japanese language character set
  • Improved camera behaviour when switching between tabs and drivers
  • Improved standings behavior when changing tabs
  • Improved flood protection on chat - it will now be possible to send the same message twice in a row
  • Fixed display issues with boost and DRS icons showing even when inactive, or inside the pit lane
  • Fixed driver 'swap' button not showing for some managers on 2 car races
  • Fixed iOS input area overlapping chat messages
  • Fixed wet weather pre-race changes not being reflected on timing panel and driver management panel
  • Fixed tyre history display bugs
  • Fixed lap count and sector timing data not displaying correctly immediately after loading the race viewer
  • Fixed advanced strategy information not displaying properly on wet races
  • Fixed boost button becoming stuck in 'on' state when released
  • Fixed occasional stutters or freezes when zooming in and out
  • Fixed visual glitch where cars would display sideways momentarily at pit exit
  • Fixed fringe scenario where screen would display various UI elements erroneously at race completion
  • Fixed inaccurate team colours accompanying chat messages
  • Various other fixes and improvements

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