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September 2018 - Web Updates

30 Sep 2018, 00:00
  • Added new ability for league members to take over hosting of a league if the host has been inactive for 14 days and the league participant has been in the league for 20 races or more
  • Added new notification preferences to settings and new preferences dialog
  • Added new automatic timezone detection to prevent issues with DST in certain regions
  • Added various app notifications such as: Staff and Driver contracts, Sponsor expiration, HQ construction complete, race setup and race moved
  • Added automatic league generation when none exist and new players are searching for leagues - to avoid app getting stuck on beginner tutorial or players who don't want to create a league quitting
  • Added liveries to team standings
  • Added forum post voting system (like/dislike)
  • Added translation for service-level messages, such as maintenance warning on home page
  • Added ability for service to automatically generate leagues "hosted by iGP" if required
  • Critical fixes to app notifications.
  • Fixed 'go to race' link going directly to practice results when sometimes these don't exist, which caused UI glitches.
  • Fixed auto-generated female drivers / staff getting male names
  • Fixed game-breaking issue on older Android versions such as 4.x due to JavaScript calling unsupported methods.
  • Fixed bug with "You must select at least one driver to train" message showing up incorrectly during training.
  • Fixed bug with new 'host inactive' feature whereby users could see button to take over hosting even if they were ineligible.
  • Fixed bug with standings whereby a team could appear in two tiers on the same season number (e.g. after promotion/relegation, or leaving/rejoining the league etc.)
  • Fixed drivers being generated with empty names
  • Fixed mail being sent saying you cannot participate in the first race after joining a league
  • Fixed news reporting when a user leaves the league in their local language - now respects league language
  • Fixed non-alphanumeric names being allowed
  • Fixed sharing links.
  • Fixed spectate dialog throwing an error sometimes.
  • Fixed training tutorial not functioning as intended when toggling between training focus/overview on mobiles
  • Fixed glitch where league tiers would not maintain accurate team total counts on the league page
  • Hotfix to forum link on menu for internal browser.
  • Improved app loading speeds by utilising caching in more places
  • Improved behaviour of tutorials and various hotfixes.
  • Improved car design upgrade process to avoid the need for a full page refresh, updating the values inline instead
  • Improved 'clear all notifications' not do a global 'mark all read' but only those on the notifications list
  • Improved transfers page to show more highly rated staff and to refresh more frequently
  • Improved translation and content loading reliability, by loading in English translation in the event that no localisation is found
  • Removed Romanian translation due to lack of use and difficulty maintaining it
  • Legacy tutorials will show when no new tutorial exists for a given page.

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