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July 2019 - Web Updates

31 Jul 2019, 00:00
  • Added new Daily Rewards system
  • Added repair car shortcuts to next race page and set car condition at which they show to 95% or less.
  • Added a quick bid button to the Transfers page
  • Changed default filters on league select page to show teams with 2 or more spaces, was previously 3 or more.
  • Improved display of investment pack in news feed
  • Fixed Auction UI glitches with web browsers using 2 or more tabs with different auctions open
  • Fixed ideal setup daily reward not updating with weather changes.
  • Fixed various issues with league schedules and saving race times on the league edit page - particuarly when in timezones like the Americas this was a common issue
  • Fixed accents and foreign language characters throwing errors when used in driver/team name/user first/last name on joining
  • Fixed potential bugs with race times if there are any form errors.
  • Hotfixes to sponsor money awarded in QR to teams in leagues
  • League select filters will now revert to showing all results if there are less than 3 results.
  • Fixed some HTML tags being permitted on league wall comments
  • Translation revisions.
  • Update race viewer to version 3.45 now in sync with app versions of the same number
  • Various other fixes and improvements

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