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February 2019 - Web Updates

28 Feb 2019, 00:00
  • Added new manual cache clear button to settings page - useful for resolving issues with out-of-date cached items
  • Added 'edited by' whenever a forum post is edited
  • Added soft upgrade prompt to home page which launches app stores when clicked
  • Added Race Duration and League ID to 'League info' dialog
  • Added automatic user nationality detection during signup
  • Added rewarded video ads (free investment button) to finances page
  • Added a timer limit on consecutive forum posting
  • Added new password recovery method
  • Added forum thread notification after a thread is moved into another forum
  • Fixed issues with Closed/Solved forum thread message
  • Fixed HQ showing "availalbe at level X" when manager was above that level while another HQ was under construction
  • Fixed swipe menu being available while on start screen after logging out
  • Fixed iOS bug where info (i) tooltips weren't working
  • Fixed sent mail in archive not being deleted when delete button pressed
  • Fixed league wall comment input layout
  • Fixed login buttons layout
  • Hotfix to investment dialog 'Free investment' button.
  • Improved Finances page to also respond in real-time to balance changes (previously only the value in the header did)
  • Improved forum notifications to hide bbcode content and only show text
  • Improved forum threads to show which moderator closed a topic
  • Updated race viewer and livery editor to match those in app version 3.37
  • Revisions to all translations.
  • Various forum fixes relating to timestamps around posts and threads.
  • Various fixes and improvements to ads integration and app version detection.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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