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Racing and Engine Manufacturer Improvements

11 Apr 2023, 20:41
Re-balanced racing

  • Pace of intermediate tyres in dry conditions reduced.
  • Rebalanced pace of all dry tyres in wet conditions with very low water levels to provide a crossover range.
  • Wear rate of intermediate tyres slightly reduced, particularly at low water depth.
  • Nerfed ride height impact on setup.
  • Buffed Qualifying Special Ability.
  • Other balancing improvements.

Engine Manufacturer updates and more

  • Added new applicant system for engine customers - suppliers can now approve or reject requests for engine supply and terminate contracts with existing engine customers.
  • Added ability for engine manufacturers to hide/show engine tuning attributes.
  • Added Driver Special Abilities and Chief Designer Strength and Weakness to UI hover tooltip on star rating for desktop users.
  • Changed weather data provider from DarkSky to OpenWeather.
  • Fixed a bug when a team was an engine manufacturer and couldn't see design bonuses from other suppliers.
  • Fixed first team on the grid in a Quick Race having an invalid grid position.
  • Fix tokens being charged when invalid team name or engine supplier name was enterted.
  • Fixed setting driver special abilities (setting to "None") not being applied unless another change was applied.
  • Fixed UI issues with dynamic XP updates (manager level not updating, XP animation not initialising from the starting value)
  • Removed all legacy youth drivers from the youth academy (from 2021 and earlier)
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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