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October 2017 - Web Updates

31 Oct 2017, 00:00
This month was spent refactoring and preparing much of the codebase for a series of major updates and fundamental changes to the systems underlying iGP Manager, due in upcoming updates.

  • Added confirmation dialog to investments, parts and engines purchases to prevent accidental purchases
  • Added cash bonuses for liking iGP Manager on Facebook and Twitter
  • Fixed balance not updating after 'Buy now' transfers
  • Fixed display bug on mobiles where confirmation tooltips may not be wide enough to display on buttons resulting in "..." showing on yes/no buttons instead of tick/cross symbols
  • Fixed display of igpmanager.com on 4-inch mobile screens
  • Fixed missing line in Polish translation.
  • Fixed teams being included in races when they joined the league after the race start time - getting sponsorship money
  • Fixed text wrapping on Twitter button.
  • Improved French translation
  • Improved layout of igpmanager.com landing page on all platforms.
  • Improved spectate dialog to prevent races that are finishing from showing in the list
  • Inverted order of push level in advanced strategy - was low to high now high to low.
  • Removed the RSS version of the league news feed as it is not used anymore.

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