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January 2019 - Web Updates

31 Jan 2019, 00:00
  • Added new rewarded video ads placement for investments for free investments
  • Added new vector icons across UI
  • Added new rewarded video ads placement on training page for free healing
  • Added waiting animations to bid / buy now buttons on auctions while connecting or placing bids
  • Added forum notification panel 'Clear Notification' button
  • Added notifications when a new thread is merged into an older thread
  • Added rating buttons to first post in all threads in the suggestions forum (the suggestion)
  • Added Investment Pack to home page in an effort to boost IAPs from UA.
  • Added clearer error messages when conneciton is lost on an auction unintentionally
  • Improved behaviours around deleting the first post of a thread
  • Changed port used by auction server, improving success rate at being allowed to participate in auctions by network firewalls
  • Fixed ban message in notification panel
  • Fixed issues with star icon scaling on mobiles
  • Fixed rewarded video ads buttons allowing continual playback even after offers have expired
  • Fixed issue whereby threads which were simultaneously pinned and closed showing a "closed due to inactivity" message
  • Removed Christmas background.
  • Various UI fixes and improvements.

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