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18 May 2021, 11:52
  • Improved car interpolation to reduce erratic movements and what had become known as 'rubber banding' in turns - more updates will be made to improve this.
  • Improved memory allocation and performance in apps.
  • Improved website performance.
  • Improved performance on devices which struggle with IPv6 support - Anyone that experienced races taking far too long to load for their internet connection speed should now have normal loading times. That is resolved by this change.
  • Fixed cars looking over-exposed in Singapore and in the Livery Editor.
  • Fixed issue where driver 2 was able to be healed multiple times on next race page 'Setup' tab.
  • Fixed tyre temperature gauge being off the middle position when the race hasn’t started yet (the cars are on the grid).
  • Fixed an issue with the viewer UI having conflicts with native buttons on Android 11.
  • Fixed average reputation values for races being incorrect - most notably on the spectate dialog.
  • Fixed league standings page not showing for managers that aren't in a league.
  • Fixed open dialogs not closing on logout.
  • Fixed several crash scenarios.

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