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April 2019 - Web Updates

30 Apr 2019, 00:00
  • Added spectate list filters (select track, tier etc.)
  • Added inline replies system for comments sections (e.g. League wall)
  • Add tooltip over star ratings for drivers and staff on 'Drivers & Staff' page like on transfers
  • Added new automatic cache clearing to avoid bugs caused by devices storing of out-of-date information in cache
  • Added missing flags including a new Catalan flag (for the Catalan langauge).
  • Added new Twitter rewarded referral link.
  • Added new header / page title transitions on phone apps
  • Added a notification for managers not in leagues that drivers only recover health when in a league
  • Added validation on Manager / Driver / Staff names
  • Improved tutorial visualisation (when highlighting an element now it will always blanket the entire page/dialog in shade - sometimes previously it would not do so).
  • Improved profile pic display size error messages on upload errors (e.g. file size too large)
  • Fixed long-standing bug where es, pt, gr, hu, pl players were all likely seeing the race viewer in English on mobiles and tablets
  • Fixed tutorial layout bugs with 'notch' devices - this primarily seemed to relate to the iPhone X
  • Fixed circuit image resolution for GB19 on 'Next race' page to improve loading times and performance
  • Fixed Ban Appeal to ensure mail is always in the user's selected language
  • Fixed confirmation dialogs appearing for actions relating to buttons which were supposed to be deactivated
  • Fixed forum labels in threads on new Spanish forum.
  • Fixed new players being permitted to add quotes into names when registering a new account
  • Hotfix for issue that caused service interruptions one eveningFixed new players being permitted to add quotes into names when registering a new account
  • Increased driver healing rate from rewarded video ads to 5% per view.
  • Updated all contact emails to point to new @igpgames.com domain
  • Banned the use of certain words in the entire game(words Blacklist)
  • Changes to the viewer loading process to prepare it for coming updates
  • Changed order of any track selection list(s) to match calendar order
  • Changed title of 'Next race' page to 'Next round'
  • Various other fixes and improvements

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