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November 2017 - Web Updates

30 Nov 2017, 00:00
  • Added polls to forum threads
  • Fixed potential glitch that could cause duplicate season generation at the end of a season and beginning of a new one
  • Fixed double design-resets at the end of a season (where all attributes could reset to 1)
  • Fixed Rewarded Ads integration
  • Fixed HTML injection exploits
  • Fixed bugs with league host changes introduced in recent updates
  • Fixed league select not showing leagues when there are errors with seasons
  • Fixed old league host still being able to delete comments on league after transferring hosting
  • Hotfix to 'Live' go-to-race button on the league schedule on the league page
  • Improved parsing of race results for better service stability
  • Improved efficiency of league and standings pages.
  • Moderators granted new powers to make changes to leagues and to change manager names
  • Disabled notification emails as this method of sending and recieving notifications is now an antiquated practice

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