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December 2018 - Web Updates

31 Dec 2018, 00:00
  • Added New and improved friends list embedded in home page
  • Added New home page layout saving space and cleaning up UI
  • Added progress bar animation to test laps
  • Added car / livery previews to driver standings
  • Added detection for when a user has joined the game via a league link, prompting said user to join the league they launched the game with
  • Added new weather API provider (Dark Sky API) as old provider (Weather Underground) is closing at the end of the month
  • Added preliminary support for right-to-left aligned languages
  • Added team colours to all standings
  • Added team colours to race results and practice results
  • Changed rules on forum to allow admins/moderators to not be subject to any restrictions on posting (e.g. posting back-to-back or time limits between posts) as it is often necessary for announcements and support
  • Added new forum rules so that banned users can no longer create forum threads
  • Fixed UI bugs within Headquarters while doing construciton projects
  • Fixed beginner tutorial getting stuck when app opened via a league link
  • Fixed the beta version of the race viewer settings as the default for all users after saving changes on the 'Settings' page
  • Fixed bug that caused active / pressed state of buttons to not show button depressed
  • Fixed bug where black team colour was saved as '0' instead of the correct hex code '000000'.
  • Fixed URL used to launch the website not loading after user login
  • Fixed bug with highlighted buttons during tutorials turning white when pressed
  • Fixed empty team names or team names containing special symbols not allowing beginner tutorial to progress beyond league selection.
  • Fixed incorrect temperature readings with new weather API provider
  • Fixed missing icons on help page.
  • Fixed poll NaN error when 0 votes
  • Fixed translations on weather forecasts to match new 7-day format from new weather API provider
  • Fixed water depth not always showing accurate values for practice laps when data was available
  • Fixes to various deeplinking glitches within the beginner tutorial - if a user signed up after launching the app via a link.
  • Hotfix for notification ! icon showing as ..." in Chrome."
  • Hotfix to new tabs glitch introduced by putting tabs on the home page.
  • Improved UI SFX to not play irrelevant SFX on login/initialization of app, e.g. money sounds as balance updated on launch
  • Improved display/layout of livery on team page
  • Improved efficiency and loading times across the site.
  • Improved layout of poll answers.
  • Improved league select page to ensure at least 3 leagues exist so nobody can become stuck on the league join step of the beginner tutorial
  • Improved loading times of friends list
  • Improved layout and organisation of information by setting universal picture dimensions and cropping images to fit in areas like comments, news, standings (previously dynamic sizes and aspect ratios were allowed, creating messier text)
  • Removed Export CSV button on tablets (this is now a Web-only feature)
  • Rolled back race viewer to version 3.3 from 3.34 as there were numerous reports of laggy/stuttery viewers on 3.34.
  • Thread in the 'Bugs' sub-forum now require the first post to begin with template questionnaire
  • Various hotfixes and performance improvements to the back-end service.

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