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League Rules

15 Apr 2022, 14:36
  • New League Rules with No Refuelling, Two-tyre rules and more, available now as editable options for the league host. Further reading: League Rules guide
  • Improved dirty air and slipstreaming physics for closer racing.
  • Until further notice, driver weight will not impact the simulation, also for closer racing.
  • Improved qualifying: push level now unaffected by advanced strategy and uses more precise fuel loads, benefitting fuel economy development.
  • Improved accuracy of connection instability prompts, they were showing too frequently.
  • Improved UI consistency of team management screens across various devices and pixel densities.
  • Improved league finder and league page to show key information on league and race settings and rules.
  • Fixed a bug when go to pits action was not properly sent.
  • Fixed an Android ANR (app not responding) problem by updating SDKs.
  • Fixed a rare bug when the WebGL race viewer was very low-res on launch.
  • Fixed visual inaccuracies in 2D race viewer masks for overhead objects (bridges, trees etc.) causing cars to appear and disappear in the wrong locations
  • Fixed pressing ESC in WebGL resulting in the camera pointing at nothing with all cars disappearing.
  • Fixed a glitch that resulted in deselecting the car in 3D and the camera becoming stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where a driver name was not properly updated on the timing row.
  • Fixed a bug where a translation could fail to load on management screens if there was a corrupt translation file.
  • Fixed UI scaling bug introduced by Samsung One UI and/or Android System WebView updates.
  • Implemented new 'Disqualified' status for drivers in live timing and race results.
  • Fixed bug with sponsor 1 showing in slot 2.
  • Upgraded several SDK integrations.

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