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Racing & Car Design Re-balancing

11 Dec 2021, 15:07
  • Changes to 'dirty air', allowing cars to follow more closely and overtake without DRS.
  • Subtle changes to Push Level, Boost, DRS and Fuel load to make their impacts more noticeable.
  • Nerfed car attributes: Acceleration, Braking, Downforce and Handling. This is only a minor reduction intended to prevent cars reaching top speed as easily and to increase the effectiveness of DRS, further encouraging overtaking.
  • Buffed car attributes: Fuel Efficiency and Tyre Efficiency.
  • Tyres are more influenced by the climate / temperature such that different strategies can work in different seasons.
  • Increased wear rate for Soft tyres.
  • Decreased wear rate for Super Soft and Hard tyres.
  • Changes to the tyre wear rate curve, making it more linear.
  • Increased pace for Super Soft and Hard tyres.
  • Decreased pace for Soft tyres.

These changes to racing have been developed with a team of high level managers based on their feedback. This update does not require any updates to be downloaded. It will be seamlessly implemented in to future races after this changelog.

NOTE: Races that took place on 11 December from 11:30 UTC to 13:00 UTC ran on a different balance to races after 13:00. Since 13:30 the Super Soft tyre performance has been reduced slightly.

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