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September 2017 - Web Updates

30 Sep 2017, 00:00
  • Added 'Investment Pack' IAP
  • Added auto-kick after 28 days of inactivity from leagues
  • Added confirm dialog to buy now
  • Added video ad playback error handling
  • Added race cancellation when too few entrants are present in a given league (less than 2 teams taking part)
  • Added automated detection and repair of errors with contracts and car assignments for teams
  • Fixed a scenario for IAP failures
  • Fixed hex code for colour '000000' not loading correctly in to livery editor.
  • Fixed race time not updating on some devices, causing "in-race" status to be locked on
  • Fixed season generation incorrectly leaving up to a week between seasons on non-daily league schedules
  • Fixed tab alignment on dialogs on mobile portrait screens.
  • Fixed video ads playback issue where users could not watch 10 ads per day, only 10 in the last 24 hours from the current moment in time - resulted in users only being able to view 2-3 ads at a time unless they'd watched them all in a row the day before.
  • Heavy revisions to Romanian translation
  • Improved GUI design with transparency and visual effects
  • Improved IAP currency conversion throughout UI
  • Improved auto-kick to only remove teams from the Rookie tier after initial launch feedback
  • Improved league search for new accounts to only show leagues racing within 24 hours
  • Improved performance on mobiles & tablets by reserving transparency effect for desktops only
  • Improved styling and fixed various formatting errors on dialogs and pages
  • Removed 10% cash balance deduction when changing leagues - penalty was deemed too harsh
  • Removed 'Fastclick' JavaScript library in preparation for dropping support for Android versions below Android 4.4 - the purpose of the 'Fastclick' library was to remove a 300ms input delay on taps / clicks present in Android versions below 4.4
  • Removed option for public to opt-in to using beta versions of the live race viewer
  • Updatred Race Viewer and Livery Editor translations

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