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Various optimisations, improvements and fixes

12 Sep 2019, 15:30
  • Hotfix for gaining a marginal advantage when leaving and rejoining a league at the start of a season. Due to the new 19 race calendar, it was giving a small performance advantage. We patched it quickly after a couple of cases were reported, so very few people were affected by this.
  • Fixed tooltips displaying on links when clicked on mobiles (looked like a glitch, would appear only briefly before being wiped by loading).
  • Fixed tooltips interrupting button functionality on iOS 13.
  • Optimisations to comments performance both in-game on league wall and on blogs (reduced loading times, faster response changing pages and editing comments etc.)
  • Optimisations to translation system which should result in reduced page loading times, particularly on the forum and comments
  • Optimisations to bad word filters so that they process content faster (also reducing loading times)
  • Improved welcome tutorial to stop showing once 'Okay' is clicked. It was showing every time the app was initialised, for new teams not in a league. So, mainly this affected teams that only take part in Quick Races.
  • Changing pages on blog comments now takes place without a full page refresh

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