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Level 30, Engine Manufacturers & Driver Special Abilities

03 Feb 2023, 12:14
This update adds significant new areas of gameplay, including 10 new levels of progression, the ability to become an engine manufacturer and supply engines to other teams, driver 'special abilities', driver BMI and more.

  • New: 10 additional levels for Managers, HQ, Drivers, Staff and more.
  • New: Engine Manufacturers - Create your own custom engine and supply your engines to other customer teams. Available from Level 20.
  • New: Driver Special Abilities - Drivers with special abilities will have an edge in performance in certain conditions. At launch these abilities include Street Circuits, Qualifying, Wet Weather, Racecraft (which covers wheel-to-wheel racing). Each ability has three tiers (Common, Rare and Legendary), the rarer the trait the more impact it will have on performance.
  • New: Driver BMI - Now the aim is to maintain a healthy weight for your drivers as opposed to lowering it to an unhealthy degree.
  • New: Driver's 'favourite circuit' - As with special abilities, each driver will have a favourite circuit where they excel.
  • Revised Level XP calculation.
  • Updated tier level caps to 10 for Rookie, 20 for Pro and 30 for Elite.
  • Added the 'Manufacture' tab to the Cars page when a manager reaches level 20.
  • Added 'Engine Points' and 'XP Boost' items to the Shop.
  • Rescaled driver and staff contract prices to new scale with 10 additional levels.

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