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January 2017 - Web Updates

31 Jan 2017, 00:00
  • Added new custom research choices - pick the areas your team researches.
  • Added new 'Units' tab to 'Settings' page which allows customizing units for currency, speed, height, weight and more throughout iGP Manager.
  • Added new ballast system for teams which exceed tier level cap. Also uncapped team levels beyond the tier limit, now that the ballast system will restrict performace above the level cap.
  • Added driver and staff career retirements
  • Added ballast icon to result dialog and practice dialog.
  • Added better handling of sockets on driver and staff transfer auctions
  • Added full interface reset when switching accounts (wiping go to race buttons, notifications etc.)
  • Added new "Invalid request or content not found" notice when requesting non-existant content IDs for things such as managers
  • Added notifications to research when selecting an area where gains are not expected
  • Added option to set standing water depth when fitting rain tyres and number of laps after rain stops to fit dry tyres
  • Added parts storage capacity to Manufacturing HQ
  • Added removing of Save button in header when closing a dialog that utilises it
  • Fixed 'Try setup' button misalignment on iOS devices and in the Safari browser
  • Fixed "Car on track..." message not showing when trying a setup
  • Fixed address bar link to driver or staff opened from Transfers being corrupted by changing tabs.
  • Fixed bug where training preferences would not save.
  • Fixed click sfx not switching off after preference is set to off.
  • Fixed close button touching sides of "Auction" and "Sell now" on "Sell" driver or staff option."
  • Fixed confirm dialogs appearing on hover on PC
  • Fixed glitch where notificatin icons for all drivers or staff with expiring contracts would be removed by clicking on any one of them
  • Fixed glitch which prevented research gains being applied when they were over 50%.
  • Fixed manager page showing negative XP to next level when max level reached.
  • Fixed manager profile potentially showing reserve staff in place of active staff.
  • Fixed notifications remaining when changing accounts.
  • Fixed retired drivers and staff showing in the transfer market.
  • Fixed staff dialog showing incorrect strength and weakness for Tyre economy and Reliability.
  • Fixed team page sometimes showing reserve staff in roles on overview tab.
  • Fixed weather returning erroneous temperature levels after a test lap
  • Improved (rewrote much of) tooltip functions to address several problems on narrow mobile resolutions and to increase accuracy of arrow pointing to source of tooltip
  • Improved Transfers page to always guarantee a minimum number of highly skilled drivers and staff of each type
  • Improved clarity of notifications that an 'Ideal setup' will be used for the race after it is purchased
  • Improved implementation and balance of Parts and Manufacturing HQ.
  • Improved language for driver suggestions on strategy tab when preparing for next race.
  • Improved practice dialog to have clickable driver names
  • Improved results table to have hover effects on individual cells which are clickable and removed bar chart icon on results field which was intended to indicate clickable content
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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