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4.051 & 4.052

26 Nov 2021, 16:01
Patches 4.051 and 4.052 are hotfix patches for 4.050, which were released in quick succession, containing several fast but important fixes. At the time of this changelog entry they are available on Android and Windows standalone and pending approval for release on iOS. UPDATE: Patch 4.051 is available on iOS as of 27 Nov @ 17:00 GMT.

  • Fixed 2D having offset racing lines on re-scaled tracks.
  • Fixed boost tail missing in 2D.
  • Fixed commentary text being invisible.
  • Fixed misaligned track alpha masks in 2D.
  • Fixed Driver/Team column toggle on live timing table not working on landscape layout.
  • Fixed a bug when viewer settings were not properly applied between races.
  • Fixed 3D water splash effect having a missing texture.
  • Fixed Windows standalone not launching on some devices (reinstall may be required if experiencing this issue).

  • Fixed the currently selected driver's DRS indicator in overhead telemetry not lighting up in the 3D viewer interface.
  • Further fixes and improvements to 2D viewer alpha masks that hide cars under overhead objects (bridges etc.).
  • Fixed 2D boost effect displaying as larger than the car.
  • Fixed misaligned driver health and tyre condition gauges, noticeable when a driver has retired or the race is over.
  • Fixed sector "bars" on live timing only reporting the sectors when the viewer was launched.

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