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TV Cams, Improved Tracks, Better Precision and Stability

24 Nov 2021, 15:22
  • Rescaled circuits - Belgium, China, Malaysia, Mexico and Singapore have all been re-scaled to have a normal road width and circuit length.¬†Number of laps (100% length):
    Belgium 43 Malaysia 55 China 55 Singapore 60 Mexico 70
  • Improved visual accuracy in races - The visual position of cars on the track in both 2D and 3D modes has been substantially improved to reduce out-of-sync events creating visual gaps inconsistent with live timing.
  • New TV Cameras - Ideal for streaming, broadcasting and recording race videos, or for increased immersion for managers who want to participate in a race like it's on TV.
  • Performance & Stability update (part 2) - Parts 1 and "1.5" of this update increased app stability for everyone in the managerial screens only. This update builds on those improvements to further stabilise app launch and runtime performance, plus improved reliability and performance when loading, viewing and returning from live races.
  • Greatly improved 3D Visuals - major revisions to all surfaces such as terrains, asphalts, gravel traps. Higher quality textures, the elimination of visible texture tiling through shader techniques.
  • Fixes to race viewer loading - reducing scenarios where viewer loading could get stuck.
  • Fixes to app launch - reducing scenarios where the app could cease responding or crash on low-end devices.
  • Fixed Android push notifications not sending.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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