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Pit crew and Racing revamp

06 Dec 2023, 17:43
New! Pit crew

The Pit Crew determines the speed and reliability of your pit stops, making them a vital part of a race event.

New features include:

  • Variable pit stop times in races based on your crew's abilities, influencing the speed and reliability of pit stops.
  • Pit Crew Training, a new area of the training page, alongside driver training
  • New skills and dynamics to manage such as pit crew atrophy, performance variance and morale.

Racing revamp

  • Improved the situation of cars 'bouncing' when trying to overtake.
  • Greatly increased the chances of overtake between cars that have a significant difference of speed (due to car design + driver, difference of tyre pace (compound/wear) or push level management pace advantage.
  • Increased dirty air, in order to reduce the chance of creation of long train during the race. Now cars breaking up from the group will have a chance to open some gap.
  • Increased the car max speed to 370 KPH.
  • Slipstream rework: higher impact at closer distance.
  • Improved chances to block a car using PL3 (this is well balanced, do not expect being able to block a car if your pace is much slower).

Fixes and improvements

  • Quick Races rule changes - Now anyone can earn rewards from QR provided they finish in a podium position. Finishing outside the podium and even a top 3 DNF will no longer count.
  • Added Canada to street circuit special ability.
  • Added special offers for new levels.
  • Added a toggle to hide/show custom engine stats.
  • Fixed United States iGP pit exit.
  • Fixed teams not receving cash when auctioning a driver and an another team uses the 'buy now' option to obtain them.
  • Fixed engine manufactuerer icon being wrong shape in news feed.
  • Fixed tokens being awarded instead of deducted for becoming an engine manufacturer.
  • Fixed mail about cost change being sent to all customers of a manufacturer when there had been no cost change.
  • Security patch - Prevented HTML injection in comments.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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