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Pit fixes

22 Aug 2022, 21:20
  • Fixed an issue with the pit lanes on Belgium, Brazil and Germany which caused some cars to run stints a lap longer than defined in the strategy.
  • Also fixed bug where ampersand symbols (&) would be converted to "& amp"; when editing or replying to comments on the league wall.

Note: In order to release the Brazil pit lane fix without requiring an app update, a temporary visual side-effect will be present on Brazil in 3D mode only. Cars will pit before the garages and then swerve in and out of a garage as they drive past it. This doesn't impact the race simulation or time in the pits. A full app update will be required to remedy the visual effect, but we will include the visual fix in a more substantial update at some point. On its own, we felt this visual issue did not warrant an app update and it was better to release the fix to stint lengths immediately.

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