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February 2017 - Web Updates

28 Feb 2017, 00:00
  • Added new visual HQ with hundreds of visual HQ upgrades and 64 million possible HQ combinations
  • Added new race review dialog with new number increment animations
  • Added preliminary Spanish translation
  • Added boffin achievement unlock button to rules & regulations
  • Added help page documentation
  • Added language translation capabilities for WebGL livery editor
  • Added mail flood filter and daily limit of 50 mails sent per day.
  • Added new lightweight mobile-friendly color picker to team creation process
  • Added option to reset tutorials / see them again via new help page.
  • Added real-time countdown on construction projects to HQ page
  • Added tips on all driver attributes for improved clarity
  • Fixed HQ actions being available while under construction (youth scout, upgrade technology)
  • Fixed Transfers page table columns not showing full values on mobiles
  • Fixed glitch where menu would stop sliding out after a menu button press on mobiles and tablets following a login or account switch.
  • Fixed issue with race lock on GUI elements not working when loading/reloading web app during a race.
  • Fixed managers being able to switch suppliers during a live race
  • Fixed several audio issues with mobile & browser implementation
  • Fixed tokens being awarded when accelerating HQ builds if for any reason a rare error occurred and build became overdue (and a negative build time remained)
  • Fixed typos in help documentation
  • Fixed word wrapping on menu in some translations.
  • Forced default 'Medium' push levels on practice laps.
  • Hotfies to new color picker - should now work in iOS and Safari.
  • Hotfix to issue with shop images
  • Hotfix to language elements on driver dialog.
  • Hotfix to tooltip positioning issues in various browsers
  • Improved default team colour to random selection to avoid grids of grey cars when grey was default.
  • Improved Achievements to have help cursor revealing tooltips
  • Improved HQ images on mobiles to optimise for 3G and 4G connections
  • Improved Parts and Engines images for better clarity in shop and purchase dialog.
  • Improved UTF-8 support throughout the game
  • Improved clarity of levels in HQ with star ratings
  • Improved next season car design CD strength and weakness impact - weakness now results in smaller gains rather than no gains, while strength has lessened impact to balance out design points.
  • Improved tooltip behaviour to be destroyed when menu is toggled, preventing overlapping tooltips from page and logout confirmation remaining after menu is gone.
  • Increased HQ upgrade cost by 5% per level.
  • Optimised HQ to only refresh page if necessary - previously carried out refresh even after a failed action
  • Raised default mechanic pit crew level to reduce error rate and random events during pit stops in races.
  • Updated language on some tutorials and tips to reflect manager level now being a 'soft' rather than a 'hard' cap.
  • Various language fixes / tweaks.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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