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October 2018 - Web Updates

31 Oct 2018, 00:00
  • Added 'share' button to manager, driver and staff profiles
  • Added Instagram to social media channels included in $1m for follow promotion inside iGP Manager
  • Added all international name suggestions posted by users on the forum
  • Added back button to login screen after pressing 'Sign in with iGP Manager'
  • Added language localisation to web checkout
  • Added logging of designs when saved from design page allowing admins to perform manual rollbacks and advanced debugging when users need support for any reason
  • Added new rewarded ad placement on the cars page for free parts
  • Added new way for a league host to be declared inactive - if they have not been in the league they are hosting for 14 days or more, even if they are active outside of the league
  • Added Halloween background
  • Attempted fix for reports of driver contracts & cars not syncing properly.
  • Improved behaviour of ads to not show ads button if it is not ready to play.
  • Fixed mobile app HQ build notifications not linking to correct building ID
  • Fixed a potential HTML injection loophole
  • Fixed bug during Cars tutorial where a manager could exit the flow of the tutorial and become effectively stuck (though it was possible to escape this 'stuck' stage by pressing back button)
  • Fixed bug on profile after adding share button to header, car livery was line-wrapping
  • Fixed bug where Notes would convert all newlines to two newlines
  • Fixed bug where automatically generated leagues were all 'en' language and at '19:00' GMT only
  • Fixed bug whereby a team could sell all of its drivers or staff by putting some on auction and selling the rest.
  • Fixed car designs not resetting in some circumstances at the end of the season.
  • Fixed cars not showing in the standings table for some teams
  • Fixed end of sesaon design resets happening twice to some teams after promotion/relegation, resulting in a total wipe of designs and reset to 1 of all attributes.
  • Fixed forum link to open in internal browser as intended
  • Fixed issues with twitter card preview images when sharing links from igpmanager.com on Twitter
  • Fixed Facebook account syncing issues - new accounts being generated when connecting Facebook to old accounts
  • Fixed maintenance messages to launch via internal browser.
  • Fixed new bug with end of season car designs not resetting after promotion/relegation.
  • Fixed rounding error on certain currency amounts e.g. values over 999,500 but below 1,000,000 would show as £1k instead of £1m, and the same issue applied at 1 billion etc.
  • Fixed two major end-of-season issues: relegation/promotion designs not being scaled since service migration to new provider and a glitch when changing leagues that meant new season design didn't reset and manager kept accumulated design points
  • Improved design Upgrade button to disable itself if the user assigns all of their design points so it can't be launched again with 0 design points
  • Improved checks for ongoing races within a league to ignore previous seasons and corrupt races and only focus on the currently active season
  • Improved news performance (reduced loading times for home page)
  • Improved phrasing of setup reminder app notification
  • Improved tutorials to redirect to a relevant page after they are skipped
  • Improved tutorials to reduce HTTP requests on initialisation
  • Removed in-game mail restrictions and limits for Moderators
  • Removed cascading post limit for moderators as well as admins.
  • Removed exact user rank by number display from HoF when above 1000 to increase efficiency of the service
  • Optimised several back-end services for better performance.
  • Revisions to all translations.
  • Temporarily removed penultimate step of Cars tutorial as it was freezing some apps
  • Improved the weather system to only increment/decrease temperature by six degrees - if, often due to weather station faults, an extreme change occurs, it will be less likely to have an impact and manifest any front-end issues
  • WebGL race viewer updated to alignment with app version 3.2
  • Various important hotfixes since version 3.0 update to the apps.

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