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New header and menu update

26 Sep 2020, 01:47
New account profile

In the header (top right corner):
  • Profile picture is visible as you navigate around the game making it clearer which account you are logged in to.
  • Manager profile page - this replaces the former 'manager' and 'team' links on the menu.
  • Shortlist and Notes - formerly these were buried within a sub-menu on the Home page.
  • Settings, Help and to Log out - formerly these were at the bottom of the menu.
  • Level and XP are shown - formerly you would have had to navigate to the manager page to see this.

On your profile page:
  • The contents of the old Team and Manager pages have been merged in to one.

A simplified navigation menu
  • The former Manager, Team, Settings, Help and Logout links are all now in the header on your profile.
  • Standings has been integrated in to the League page. This provides more flexibility in that you can access the full standings for any league and any tier in the game now as opposed to just your own, while also de-cluttering the menu further.
  • All combined, this means the whole menu now fits on the screen on most mobile devices without scrolling.

A cleaner home page
  • There is no longer a "..." button that reveals more options, just 'Mail', 'Spectate' and 'Search'.
  • The 'Notes' and 'Shortlist' that were formerly on the home page under the [...] button are now in the header under your profile.

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