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June 2018 - Web Updates

30 Jun 2018, 00:00
  • Added Ukranian translation
  • Added emoji support to text throughout service
  • Added pruning of inactives from Pro and Elite (inactives kicked from Rookie after 30 days, Pro after 60 days, Elite after 90 days)
  • Changed behaviour when a race is wiped/deleted manually by admins to repair all cars in affected race(s) to 100% condition
  • Fix for drivers not being re-assigned for seller after auction sales.
  • Fixed beginner tutorial keeping some UI elements hidden even after completion
  • Fixed bug with fuel and tyre suppliers being charged twice in races
  • Fixed issue where profile photos would show cached version even after uploading a new one
  • Fixed issues with tutorial highlights
  • Hotfix for no objectives being set in a race (objective was always "Finish the race")
  • Improved forum to tracks when users last read a forum thread to display an accurate read status per-thread
  • Optimisations to functions which assign drivers to cars within teams
  • Updated financial penalty for changing leagues to 1% of balance (formerly 10%)
  • New GDPR compliant Privacy Policy, EULA and other legal documents.

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