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May 2019 - Web Updates

31 May 2019, 00:00
  • Added League invitations between friends
  • Added League welcome mails which can be customised by league hosts
  • Added mass message option for league hosts
  • Added new menu of options to friends list e.g. 'View League' and 'Invite to League'
  • Added a notification icon to comments sections on new replies
  • Add 'League Mail' tab in Mail dialog for hosts
  • Added [+] icons to top right corner of cash and tokens in the header ot make it clearer that they can be bought by pressing them
  • Added animations to number value updates in the UI
  • Added detection to determine whether an e-mail address is already in use
  • Improved process for connecting to an auction
  • Improved 'Buy now' and 'Bid' button behaviours to remain disabled until an Auction is fully loaded
  • Improved behaviours around UI locking for League Races
  • Improved forgotten password emails to include all accounts associated with an email address
  • Improved public login page/redirect to return to forum after login
  • Fixed DST changes in a league host's timezone causing their league's race times change whenever they edit them during a time change
  • Fixed bug when loading the start screen while not logged in
  • Fixed a glitch whereby icons may show placeholder text before an icon was visible
  • Fixed objective not showing for upcoming races
  • Fixed rare issue where liveries were not showing for some teams that had left the league on the 'Standings' page
  • Hotfix to lobby.
  • Hotfixes to checks which determine whether a manager is currently in a race
  • Hotfix to ensure league invitation mails are sent in recipient's language (previously this would not be the case if the league language differed to the recipient's language)
  • Reduced sponsorship money in preparation for Quick Races
  • Reduced XP gains for League races in anticipation for additional Quick Race gains
  • Reduced size of text on mobiles for engine restock notification, to avoid any translations being cut off by screen width
  • Translation revisions - including many edits in preparation for upcoming updates
  • Introduced interstitial ads for new non-paying users - automatically removed by any in-app purchase
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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