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Pit crew update hotfixes

13 Dec 2023, 22:51
  • Fixed issue whereby 'save all' button might not function correctly on pages like Training or Next Race.
  • Fixed incorrect 'Overall' rating calculation for pit crews. Morale has been removed from the calculation as it is a non-trainable attribute. All pit crew ratings in game have been updated accordingly.
  • Fixed iPhone notch rendering issues whereby header would be slightly obscured by notch.
  • Fixed scenario where pit crew training boost would be visible in the news feed but not in the shop.
  • Fixed accounts below level 5 being able to access Pit Crew dialogs and tutorials.
  • Fixed customers of engine manufacturers inheriting the custom weakness attribute set by the manufacturer at any given circuit. This was never the intended behaviour. Customers were supposed to receive the default weakness and not the custom one.
  • Fixed various button and icon alignments.
  • Various other minor hotfixes.

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