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April 2018 - Web Updates

30 Apr 2018, 00:00
  • Added New tutorial system and beginner tutorial coming in version 3.0
  • Added Best Solution system to forum for Help & Support threads which require solutions
  • Added new option to select if a post was helpful or not helpful
  • Added ability to select (and thus copy/paste/share) text from comments in-game
  • Added prevention for cascading posts (multiple posts in a row).
  • Added tooltip to training when unable to train because insufficient drivers selected
  • Fixed minimum height of text input on comments (it had become short somewhere in recent updates).
  • Fixes for livery and profile photo uploads
  • Fixes for PHP 7 compatibility
  • Fixes to 'best solution' on forum
  • Improvements to forum thread formatting.
  • Improvements to labels systems on forum
  • Reduced cascading post limit to 3 hours
  • Reduced number of permissions requested on Facebook registration
  • Updated nationality lists to current UN standard (and removed sensitive terms on disputed territories - we do our best to remain fully impartial on such issues while complying with UN standards).
  • Upgrade web systems to PHP 7 and revised all scripts for compatibility
  • Updated Facebook API version used
  • Forum thread titles are now more limited in length to avoid lengthy titles

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