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18 Jun 2022, 20:57
  • Fixed custom league rules reverting to defaults for new seasons - it seems the source was the league settings having defaults checked instead of custom rules. This meant hosts accidentally overwrote custom rules when saving other league settings.
  • Fixed a qualifying issue where one driver in the oldest team/car ran on a different push level to other cars. This likely accounted for reports of qualifying discrepancies, e.g. between teammates.
  • Fixed unusually long pit stops which were occurring sometimes in no-refuelling leagues.
  • Improved practice UI behaviour in no-refuelling leagues, where setting a practice lap would overwrite custom fuel set in advanced strategy. This was intended to be a convenience feature, basing the new fuel on the practice lap. It will now avoid setting fuel if any modifications have been made to the value, whereas previously it would only avoid it if the strategy had already been saved.
  • Added more server capacity to run races.

Note: A cache clear may be required to get the practice lap UI/UX updates. All league hosts should also double-check that they did not accidentally overwrite custom league rules with defaults prior to this hotfix patch.

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