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February 2018 - Web Updates

28 Feb 2018, 00:00
This month saw a huge update for caching and optimisation to accelerate performance of the game on all platforms.

  • Greatly improved utilisation of caching and optimisation techniques across all systems
  • Added current user to first page of Hall of Fame so they can compare with top players
  • Added investment pack deal to Tokens dialog
  • Added loading animation when launching rewarded video ads to make it clearer when it is loading
  • Changed league links on league select page to point to standings for player tier
  • Fixed bug with incorrect currency symbols being cached on transfers page
  • Fixed bug with liveries not showing sometimes
  • Fixed transfer fee number not being visible on iPhone 4/5S on transfers (due to smaller screen width)
  • Fixed image scaling on developer blogs to ensure they stay within article container
  • Fixed name of recipients on sent mail tab.
  • Fixed potential bug with profile photos - wasn't using Facebook photos in some cases potentially
  • Hotfixes to drivers championships
  • Improved clarity of league select page with tip indicating race days are shown in green.
  • Improved desktop / web browser initialisation speed of app
  • Improved efficiency across Forum
  • Improved efficiency of Hall of Fame.
  • Improved efficiency of cars and team page
  • Improved efficiency of comments module
  • Improved efficiency of new season generation
  • Improved efficiency of loading user preferences for iGP
  • Improved efficiency of profile dialog
  • Improved efficiency of race result processing
  • Improved efficiency of standings page, settings page, manager page, teams page, friends dialog, profile dialog
  • Improved visibility of available leagues by extending host active period to 28 days from 3 days
  • Improvement to Dutch translation.
  • Improvements to Turkish translation.
  • Increased rate at which historical financial data of teams is pruned to optimise the service further.
  • Various hotfixes.
  • Various minor efficiency improvements and bugfixes
  • Web: Enabled entering league ID in address bar of browser on Standings page to view standings of any league

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