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24 Sep 2020, 20:16
  • New: Google Play Services login option added
  • New: Apple Sign In and Game Center login options added
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts when used in chat
  • Improved visual feedback for Boost and DRS indicators - they now react faster and will show for at least 0.4s even if the boost was shorter.
  • Improved Chat area resizing for mobile users when virtual keyboard is active.
  • Improved Livery Editor performance
  • Improved RAM usage
  • Improved behaviour of the link boost button
  • Improved look of the boost effect 
  • Improved Japanese fonts
  • Added ESC(Escape) key to unfocus chat input area.
  • Added hologramic car position indicator in AR Car preview.
  • Fixed boost button issues 
  • Fixed visual bugs in expanded strategy panel 
  • Fixed AR mode photo taken wasn't successful sometimes
  • Fixed login problem with facebook app
  • Fixed rare login issue
  • Fixed pre-race out of sync issue
  • Fixed boost usage with using multiple other hotkeys.
  • Fixed hotkey usage to access chat in public quick race.
  • Fixed visual artefacts appearing while when following a car across the finish line at the end of a race.
  • Fixed not being able to press anything on the screen when you relaunch the viewer for mobile versions.
  • Fixed some crashes on low end iOS devices and iOS 11.
  • Fixed tyre temperatures sometimes not being updated right after a race has loaded
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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