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August 2018 - Web Updates

31 Aug 2018, 00:00
This month the service was migrated to a totally new service provider and datacenter setup. Our configuration was changed entirely to optimise for performance and stability of the service. For this reason there were fewer changes than usual, and most time was spent porting, refactoring and fixing the service to work with the new setup.

  • Migrated service to new service provider / datacenter configuration. Totally rewrote and prepared many back-end services as part of this process.
  • Added Catalan and Balkans region translations
  • Added deeplink support to apps for race viewer and livery editor
  • Fixed new forum toolbar (many bugs with original implementation)
  • Fixed tutorials never ending in version 3.0
  • Fixed undefined variable bug in forum.js.
  • Fixed undefined variable bug in init.php
  • Fixed unique structure of Icelandic surnames not respecting gender of drivers/staff.
  • Hotfix to get cars page to refresh after saving a livery in a more appropriate manner
  • Improved livery editor dimensions on export (larger top image) for higher resolution
  • Improved service efficiency - Driver automatic healing now only impacts teams in leagues
  • Improved resolution of Token icons for retina screens
  • Improved result dialog to hide practice lap tabs when none exist after practice has locked
  • Improvements to tutorial positioning over highlighted elements.
  • Increased resolution of flags on public website.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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