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New transfers system

20 Oct 2021, 13:08
  • New transfers system - Tokens are now returned to all except the winning bidder. The transfers list cycles every 4 minutes instead of every few hours and all auctions on the list refresh at the same time.
  • Performance & Stability update ("part 1.5") - further back-end website code optimisations for faster performance, better rendering times and reduced UI latency. This will be most noticeable on the transfers system. It's not as comprehensive as "Part 1" of these updates but is noteworthy as some may find the transfers system significantly more responsive and stable. The final and most significant stage of these improvements ("Part 2") will arrive soon with an app update.
  • Added all missing flags
  • Fixed empty name exploit where users could enter blank manager/driver/staff/team names.
  • Fixed news feed reactions not working on some devices.
  • Fixed standalone desktop application having a white background
  • Fixed standalone desktop application saving settings
  • Fixed race results showing 0-second lap times showing as purple / fastest
  • Fixed bug where scouting HQ countdowns could display incorrect times
  • Fixed cache refresh happening for new users during the beginner tutorial
  • Fixed ESC key bringing up "exit app" prompt on web
  • Fixed enter key on team create page submitting form (disrupting beginner tutorial)
  • Fixed the possibility to scroll highlighted elements and tutorial text off screen
  • Fixed clicking on [!] notification icons within buttons resulting in the notification icon disappearing but the button click not being recognised
  • Various other hotfixes and improvements.

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