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3.605 Updates

08 May 2020, 18:01
Added Enter key usage to open Chat Tab if not already there.
Added Greek Extended Letters support.

Improved Memory usage.
Improved Hi-Res texture showing while following a car.
Improved Timing area scrolling area.
Improved HotKey usages. Now supports more than one hotkey usage at the same time.
Improved Timing panel clickable area colors to make them more distinguishable.

Fixed Localization files not been updated sometimes.
Fixed not being able to load sometimes.
Fixed incorrect initial driver position. First driver will be on left side and second driver will be on right size.
Fixed Pre race strategy not updating on Wet conditions applied.
Fixed Boost Button been stucked on hotkey usage bug.
Fixed Some more pit stop related bugs.
Fixed Driver control Panel not minimizin on WebGL.
Fixed Livery highlight bugs.
Fixed Livery Player's name zoom in bug.

Changed Boost and DRS icon position slightly.

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