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March 2019 - Web Updates

31 Mar 2019, 00:00
  • Added start time countdown for live race broadcast announcements on the home page
  • Improved comment formatting
  • Improved layout of parts and engines shop links on cars page to avoid confusion between the two
  • Improved ordering of spectate list to show highly populated, high reputation races at the top, not just the newest races
  • Increased healing rate to 5% per rewarded video ad view for training
  • Fixed prev/next arrow aligment on prev/next buttons on team settings dialog
  • Fixed forum infinite redirect loop when a thread is merged with and redirecting to itself (rare - not a common problem)
  • Fixes to forum labels
  • Fixes to translation in League Settings
  • Fixed league hosts unable to kick league participants
  • Fixed deeplinks when launching app for the first time (they were only working if the app was already running in the background)
  • Hotfixes to icons on public website
  • Translation revisions and additions
  • Various other fixes and improvements

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