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Timezone & Translation fixes

03 Jul 2021, 12:44
These small but important updates will improve the experience for all managers by improving the quality of service in all timezones and translations around the world.

  • Fixed countdown timers in certain timezones - when some timezones were a day ahead of GMT the countdown timers for Daily Rewards and Daily Deals did not display correctly.
  • Fixed Daily Deals timezones - when certain timezones were a day ahead of GMT, Daily Deals could not be redeemed. This would have impacted timezones around Asia the most.
  • Translation redundancy - if any translation is incomplete or has errors the missing lines will now revert to English, ensuring the app will remain stable. Translation errors may have caused issues in the following translations last week: Catalan, Chinese, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish. This update will ensure no repeat of such incidents.
  • Maintenance mails will now be translated to all languages - previously they were only sent in English.
  • Fixed a Daily Rewards loophole whereby switching timezones repeatedly could trigger more than one daily reward. Also, all items gained in this manner were withdrawn from any accounts that utilised this loophole. Every reward is tracked, therefore it was straightforward to identify each instance and reverse it.
  • Various other hotfixes and improvements.

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