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November 2018 - Web Updates

30 Nov 2018, 00:00
  • Added new standing water level indicator on home page and for practice laps - this information is collected from data on any other laps performed within the last 5 minutes by any team
  • Added forum notifications pane which notifies user of replies to threads they are following
  • Added Japanese language translation
  • Added language selection to start screen
  • Added emoji support to league descriptions, manager bios, forum posts and comments
  • Added Instagram follow reward
  • Added new 2018 car shape livery placeholders to Cars page
  • Added support for native share method in apps instead of old method which only supported Facebook or Twitter sharing via URL
  • Added ability for league hosts¬† to delete comments on their league wall
  • Added forum ban Appeal System
  • Revised UI first pass - increased use of rounded corners and gradients across UI
  • Fixed insufficient parts/engines prompts not opening the parts/engines dialog and not re-enabling button to buy parts/engines.
  • Fixed 'Preparation level' translation wrapping on to two lines on home page in some languages.
  • Fixed bug whereby putting a single driver or staff on auction it would say you've reached the limit
  • Fixed bug which could result in the beginner tutorial becoming stuck on a particular screen
  • Fixed issues with car design scaling when promoting within a league
  • Fixed bug with new moderator permissions that resulted in the comment module being hidden for ordinary users
  • Fixed 'Research' dialog not showing correct previous race design levels after more updates were applied
  • Fixed some game-breaking bugs with tutorials in Chrome-based browsers
  • Fixed language selection changing erratically (not being reliably stored) when not logged in
  • Fixed numeric hex-codes starting with leading 0s not exporting/importing correctly in livery editor
  • Fixed swipe menu opening on the start screen before it should be visible when opened via swipe motion
  • Fixed various tutorial bugs.
  • Fixed bug with thread title input check when replying to posts, as they don't have titles and this was preventing replies
  • Improved reliability of various app calls, reducing potential for failures including IAP failures.
  • Improved performance / reduced loading times of all HoF categories
  • Changed forum to block topic titles written in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Improved forum thread title display to be contained on a single line
  • Significant optimisations across service to loading times and stability
  • Removed G+ from social networks in share dialogs
  • Removed Halloween background.
  • Removed language selection from team creation screen.
  • Updated WebGL livery editor and race viewer to align with those in version 3.3 of the apps
  • Various fixes, revisions and improvements to UI updates
  • Various translation updates.

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