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July 2018 - Web Updates

31 Jul 2018, 00:00
  • Added new Privacy settings, including ability to block private messages
  • Added CSV exporting of race data
  • Added ability to change player name and nationality
  • Added car image to manager profile dialog
  • Added forum image resizing code to prevent images being larger than the post container
  • Added new method and improved behaviour of issuing penalties when changing leagues
  • Added new system for calculating car designs when changing leagues
  • Added new translation tools for translators
  • Added support panel user link to forum posts for support team.
  • Added translation files to memcache to avoid constant read/writes to servers.
  • Added translation to WYSIWYG post editor on forum.
  • Added translations for circuit names
  • Added translations for ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc.)
  • Changed buttons on profiles to icons due to wrapping to new lines and layout issues in many translations.
  • Changed forum pruning to ignore pinned threads
  • Fixed Facebook share link on desktop / browser version in friends dialog
  • Fixed bug whereby alert icon for expiring contracts is only shown on 1 expiring contract when there are multiple
  • Fixed bug with tall/narrow profile images causing overlapping mails in mail dialog
  • Fixed clicking precisely on the notification icon on the 'Upgrade' button on the Cars page triggering total refresh of app / page
  • Fixed major bug with driver health starting at 100% in every race regardless of what it was set to
  • Fixed forum threads not showing option to post when re-opened by an admin or moderator after being closed due to inactivity
  • Fixed various minor glitches with notifications.
  • Hotfix for friends list not working in some cases
  • Hotfix for moderators unable to edit comments
  • Hotfixes to UTF-8 encoding on some translations.
  • Hotfix to Ukranian translation.
  • Hotfix to currency functions not showing 'k' after values between 1k - 10k.
  • Improved performance of service by monthly pruning of lap-by-lap race data
  • Improved behaviour joining leagues - prevented during end of season / new season creation period, which will prevent several issues with car designs
  • Fixed bug with Youth Academy not producing drivers of same nationality as manager
  • Improved behaviour of practice laps to better stabilise weather changes from lap to lap
  • Improved clarity of league page header and added new league link sharing option
  • Improved email validation
  • Increased the available length of text in league descriptions to double the previous value.
  • Merged Spanish (European) and Spanish (Latin) translations into a single 'Spanish' translation
  • Merged Portuguese (Portugal) and Portuguese (Brazil) translations into a single 'Portuguese' translation.
  • Optimised loading times of spectate dialog
  • Put new tutorials live for app versions 3.0 or later
  • Revisions to translations.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

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